MCA Mbae reveals why wards’ development is derailed

Kabazi ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has decried the low development budget being channelled to wards.

In a statement to newsrooms on Friday,Mbae said such has continued to derail development.

Mbae who is also a member of Budget committee at the County assembly of Nakuru revealed that this year’s development budget to wards was sh816m which is lower than the previous financial year that had sh1.5b.

He added that this year the wards’ projects have been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic as all gears were shifted towards the same.

The vocal Kabazi ward MCA also attributes the negative impact on projects in wards to the fact that the county has not been able to collect up to sh700m  in terms of revenue.

In addition,the county government of Nakuru has been spending sh450m per month to pay staff due to the inherited staff from national Goverment and former Regional headquarters.

The MCA is now worried that if the trend continues then there shall be no development realization in wards.

“I’m afraid with this trend,we might suffer when it comes to development in future” he said.

It is for this reason that Mbae has continued to agitate balance in revenue allocation formula.

He says the Senators must consider the 2019 data on population to ensure equity.

“It’s not about equality but equity and that’s why we are saying let the Senate consider the 2019 data on population so that counties get what they are required to get” he said.

Mbae adds that if the 2019 census report will not be used then some counties will continue to suffer.


Mututho hits out at Senators over revenue allocation stalemate

Former Naivasha MP John Mututho has told off Senators over revenue allocation stalemate.

In his address to the Press, Mututho said the ongoing stalemate is derailing development for common citizens.

He added that if Senators cannot agree on the Revenue allocation formula,then there is need for political experts to be sought to handle the issue.

“Senators if you are unable to negotiate and agree on revenue allocation formula then let’s have political and financial experts to handle the issue” said Mututho.

The former Nacada boss who is also the proprietor of John Mututho Empowerment Centre(JOMEC Rehab) says the ongoing drama in Senate is uncalled.

He also faulted the security team over recent incident in which three Senators were arrested.

Mututho says the dramatic arrests is uncalled for as there are better ways of handling issues.

This even as an inclusive adhoc Committee of the Senate was formed to come up with a consensus on the workable formula for revenue allocation to Counties.

Youthful Nakuru MCA declares interest for Senatorial seat

Nakuru’s Lake View Ward MCA Peter Karanja Mburu has finally revealed his interests for Nakuru Senatorial seat come 2022.

There has been speculation in Nakuru County Social Media Pages that the youthful MCA was eyeing a top seat in 2022.

However it was not clear which seat he was going for with some quotas arguing that he would be going for the Naivasha Parliamentary seat while others had it that the MCA was eyeing the Senatorial seat.

But addressing media during the Inua Mama meeting Nakuru edition on Friday that was attended by several Legislators among them the current Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, the first time vocal Member of the Nakuru County assembly stated categorically that he will be going for the Senatorial seat to serve the people of Nakuru better.

“Si mumeskia Senator wetu anataka kiti ya Ugavana?anatosha ama hatoshi…na sasa Wamama tukiinua mama si tuinue kijana pia….Natosha ama sitoshi? (You have heard our Senator is going for the gubernatorial seat in Nakuru and as we empower a womena let us do so for the youth..Am I capable or not?” stated Mburu amidst applause from the crowd.

The Vocal MCA has positioned himself in the branded Team Tangatanga and is always seen to drunm support for Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika’s political ambition as well as that of the Deputy President William Ruto.

The Nakuru Senatorial seat is currently being held by Senator Susan Kihika who has also declared interest in Nakuru Gubernatorial seat come 2022.

It will be recalled that Mburu in the 2017 general election trounced Mr Simon Wanyoike Wanango.The first time MCA is currently rated as the most vocal ward representative in the current Nakuru County Assembly. The many bills and motions he has sponsored have seen him earn respect of Nakuru residents.

The youthful MCA is also development conscious and at many a times he has been seen as a great critic of Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui when it comes to matters of the citizens and development.

Among Bills he has sponsored include one aimed at establishing a disaster management fund.He is also the brain behind the opening up of the Lake Naivasha corridors after he sponsored a motion on the same.

He has also sponsored a Bill that saw the digitization of building plans in Nakuru County.

The recent motion he sponsored on NHIF will see the less privileged in Nakuru County enjoy free National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) medical cover.

PHOTO/Karanja Mburu:Nakuru’s Lake View Ward MCA Peter Karanja Mburu at a past function.

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