Lucky escape for matatu as billboard crashes

Lucky escape

A Nissan matatu in Nakuru escaped narrowly after a huge billboard came down. The billboard at Section 58 roundabout came down at around 4:30 PM this afternoon.

The Prestige Shuttle matatu was entering Nakuru when the humagous billboard was blown down by the wind and badly damaged it on one side.

“The people in the matatu were very lucky that the falling billboard just scathed its sides,” a bodaboda rider who witnessed the fall said.

“Lucky still, the billboard did not fall on the main road otherwise the damage to life and vehicles would have been worse,” he added.

Below are some photos taken at the site of the incidence.

Indian Coolies huts in Rongai, Nakuru

Indian Coolies Nakuru

Somewhere in Soin Ward, Rongai Constituency in Nakuru County. Four stone-built round huts stand conspicuously to travellers using the dusty route.  While the locals have grown used to the huts, visitors in the area are intrigued by the presence of those huts that look more like ancient kilns

Indian Coolies huts
Indian Coolies huts in Rongai, Nakuru

That the huts lie on Kenya Railways land could be a hint as to who built them. according to the locals, the two pairs of huts were put up in the early 1900s by Indian coolies who were building the Lunatic Express. What many may not know is that the Indian coolies also suffered from wildlife attacks in Rongai just not as high a scale as had happened in Tsavo.

Indian Coolies huts Rongai, Nakuru
Huts built by Indian Coolies in Soin Ward, Rongai in Nakuru County

To keep safe from the wildlife attacks at night, they had put up these two pairs of stone huts. The huts in each pair are attached to each other by a low build annexure which locals say was used as a kitchen.

Indian Coolies residence
Indian Coolies residence in Rongai, Nakuru.

The huts still stand strong and even their roofing was stone build. There were no windows but they had several small openings that helped in lighting and ventilating the interiors.


Maai Mahiu Catholic Church – World’s Smallest Church

World's Smallest Church

Also Known as the Traveller’s Chapel, Maai Mahiu Catholic Church could possibly be the smallest church in the world.  The church was built in 1942 by Italian Prisoners of War, the 12 capacity church lies just past Maai Mahiu Centre on your way to Nairobi.

Maai Mahiu Catholic Church
Inside Maai Mahiu “Traveller’s Chapel” Catholic Church.

The church has four wooden pews each of which can hold four people. In total, the chapel can hold a capacity of twelve worshippers.

The church is not only a stopover for travellers but also one of the tourist attraction sites in Nakuru County.

Photo: Ugatuzi Plaza, Nakuru

Ugatuzi Plaza

Ugatuzi Plaza is a five-storey building at the County Assembly of Nakuru. The building was officially opened on 14th August 2019 by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ugatuzi Plaza, Nakuru
Ugatuzi Plaza at the Nakuru County Assembly. It was a project initiated in 2017 by Susan Kihika while she was speaker

Ugatuzi Plaza was build at a cost of Kshs. 220 million. It took 28 months to construct.

The building which is connected to high speed internet has among other facilities; an auditorium, library offices for Members of County Assembly (MCAs) and Committee rooms. It also has prayer rooms for both Muslims and Christians

Photos: Dundori (Gwa Kiongo) Centre

Sweet potatoes for sale in Dundori

Dundori Centre is 25 KMs from Nakuru. Below are a few photos of the famous Dundori. The town’s economy is based on agriculture and small businesses.


Honeymoon Hill, Nakuru

Honeymoon Hill

Part of Honeymoon Hill, actually the larger portion, lies within Lake Nakuru National Park. The hill that borders the park to one side and Lakeview estate to the other side is a favourite hangout place for young people especially those that are dating.

Nakuru Photos. Honeymoon Hill
Honeymoon Hill facing within Lake Nakuru National Park

It is not clear where the name originated from. However, the name has been there since colonial times.

Back in those times, Honeymoon Hill offered a vantage viewpoint for motor racing when Nakuru used to organise such.

View from Honeymoon Hill


Bondeni Police benefits from new equipment

Bondeni Police Station

Bondeni Police station in Nakuru has benefitted from a donation of a computer and printer to assist in digitalization.

Bondeni Police station

The items were personal donations from Ms. Rani Ramchandani who is the president of the Lions Club of Menengai. Bondeni Police OCS Abdi Noor Hussein received the donations.

Bondeni Police station
Bondeni Police station OCS Abdi Noor Hussein and Ms. Rani Ramchandani the Lions Club of Menengai president

According to Ms. Rukkya Mohamed the founder of the “Youth Bila Noma,” they sourced for the equipment to help deal with stalled cases. The computer and the 3-in-1 printer will help in handling virtual cases, a system that was put in place following the outbreak of Corona. Virtual cases are meant to put human interactions at a minimum.

Bondeni Police station

“Since the advent of virtual cases, the lack of modern computers and operating system was leading to a lot of stalled cases,” said Rukkya.

“This is the reason we reached out to Ms. Rani to assist the station and we take the opportunity to thank her for coming through,” added Rukkya.

Bondeni Police station

Also present were members of the Community Policing Committee, officers from the station and Ms. Mary Kirugumi the Social Development Officer in charge of Nakuru West.