Kuresoi MP weighs in on ongoing Jubilee wrangles

Kuresoi South MP Joseph Tonui at a past media address.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Kuresoi South MP Joseph Tonui has weighed in on the ongoing leadership wrangles within Jubilee terming the recent changes regrettable.

According to the Legislator,any political formation mostly in Riftvalley region must be through consultations with all leaders led by Deputy President William Ruto.

“We are not happy with what is happening and how things are turning out in the Jubilee administration” he said.

The MP says if the President has an issue with anyone,he should not use such to cause.suffering to the people of the Riftvalley Region.

While noting that  Riftvalley Region overwhelmingly voted for Jubilee,Tonui said they residents should not be left to suffer.

The Legislator maintains that the DP is the political spokesperson for the region hence should be consulted whenever there is any political formations.

“Our spokesperson is Dr.William Ruto and should be consulted onnajy political formations” said Tonui.



Myths still a hindrance to achieving family Planning

Unfounded myths still pose a major challenge towards achieving family planning in Kenya especially remote areas.

This even as government has been challenged to put more effort towards addressing health challenges facing women and children at grassroot level.

Dr.Elisheba Karenga from Afya Ya Uzazi Program says women and children at grassroot level still face challenges in accessing health services hence the county governments should ensure such is addressed.

Speaking on Wednesday at Ikumbi Health Centre in Kuresoi North Sub county during the International Contraceptives celebrations,Dr.Karenga stated that as stakeholders in the health sector they are doing all they can to ensure that they be of great help to the women and children at grassroot level as far as health matters are concerned.

She added that one of the key issues they are tackling is addressing the myths and misconceptions about family planning so that the society can make informed decisions.

“One of the things we are doing is reaching to them in the society so that they can make informed decisions about family planning” she said.

While admitting that indeed the current economy is harsh, Dr.Karenga challenged society to start thinking about the various family planning options.She called on men to also start assisting their wives to go for family planning so that children sired can be able to enjoy their rights.

“We need to embrace family planning so that the children we get we can be able to cater for their rights. Men should also play a big role towards realizing this” she said.

In a speech from Nakuru County Health Department read by County Deputy Director Public Health and Sanitation Mr. Ego Agere, the county government of Nakuru stated that it is committed towards providing the highest quality of health care to all residents.

The county government calling on locals to make use of the health care services especially maternal and child health services.

“As a county government we are committed to providing the highest qualities of healthcare services to all residents.We urge the locals to fully make use of the health care services especially maternal and child health services available” read part of the speech.

Sentiments echoed by Dr.James Oyeko from Afya Ya Uzazi Program who says residents of Nakuru County and mores so youths should be able to access all quality health care services.

But in all these, we have a lot that has been forgotten by the government despite the major role they play at grassroot level and these are the Community Health Volunteers.

Ms Regina Muthoni is a CHV who has been working at Ikumbi Health centre and she says life is not easy and that the government should consider motivating them.

“We are appealing to the government that they be able to assist us even with a little appreciation token. We have children who need to go to school, be fed and other rights” she said.

Chairman of the Ikumbi Health Facility Mr. Zachary Malel calling on the county Government of Nakuru to ensure the facility is equipped fully with drugs.

He said the facility is paramount in the area as it serves a huge population and therefore the government should ensure it is equipped fully.

“We have doctors but some shortage of drugs is a challenge and we call on the county government of Nakuru to ensure that is addressed” he said.


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Kuresoi youths issue threats over Itare dam jobs

Young people in Kuresoi are not happy with the contractor at Itare dam and have threatened to sabotage the progress of the dam.

The young people say they are not happy with the way recruitment for the jobs is being carried. “

None of the locals has gotten a job there. We should get at least 30% of the jobs as the local youth,” said an angry young man.

The youths claim that job interviews are being carried out in Nakuru town where the contractor has an office.

“Job interviews for prospective employees at Itare should be carried out at Kuresoi and not Nakuru town as is now the case. We have many qualified young people here but they can’t afford to travel to Nakuru for the interviews. This is unfair to the local community,” said another aggrieved youth.

The Kuresoi youth want jobs as plant and machine operators, drivers and artisans of which they say they are well qualified. The construction of Itare dam is expected to solve water problems for thousands of Nakuru County residents and improve the Molo-Sitoito road

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