MP Arama differs with report on performance of MPs in Parliament

Nakuru Town West Member of Parliament Samuel Arama has faulted a recent report on MPs who have not made any contribution on the floor of the House.

In an interview with this writer, Arama who is serving his third term said leadership is judged by performance in the constituency and not necessarily how many times one has contributed on the floor.

He added as members of Parliament they have been playing oversight through various departmental committees.

“The floor of the House is meant for debate. As members we play our oversight role in the committees and when the motions are brought to the committee of the whole house, some us had already put our input at committee level,” he said.

The MP called on individuals behind the report to also visit constituencies and do their research as far as development is concerned.

The report indicated that fifteen MPs have not made any contribution on the floor of the House since they were sworn in.

The report by Mzalendo Trust, its first scorecard of the 13th Parliament, said the 15 legislators who have not spoken include MPs who have been highlighted in previous scorecards of the 12th Parliament as having not made a single contribution.

The 2023 Parliamentary Scorecard covers the period between September 29, 2022, to June 30, 2023.

The report also named eight MPs who are yet to make a maiden speech in the House.

Mzalendo Trust is a parliamentary monitoring organisation started in 2005 and whose mission is to promote ‘open, inclusive, and accountable parliaments in Kenya and Africa.

The Parliamentary Scorecard is an annual ranking of performance by the Members of Parliament (MPs)-both the National Assembly and the Senate.

First published in 2014, the ranking is strictly based on the performance of the MPs inside the Parliament and more specifically in the plenary.



MP Arama faults a section of Police officers for harassing residents

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has hit out at a section of Police officers for harassing locals.

Speaking over the weekend,Arama said some police officers have tendency of harassing locals.

The MP pointed out that he has received complaints of police harassing residents and business people especially those who do not cough money.

He has vowed ensure no innocent people are arrested.

The vocal Nakuru  Lawmaker revealed that majority of  those operating Liquor wine and spirits outlets have continued to part with some amount to police officers to allow them to operate even past time or earlier.

“You cannot just arrest innocent people..That I will not  accept. Let those who have committed crime face the law but those who are innocent and wines and spirits operators should not be harassed” said Arama.

Arama is defending his seat on Jubilee party ticket.

He has on many occasions stated that his agenda for Nakuru Town West residents is to see a transformed society and his development record speaks for itself.



Arama extends humanitarian food program to Prison staff

Samuel Arama

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama on Friday demonstrated a unique gesture by extending his humanitarian COVID-19 relief food donations to Nakuru GK Prison.

Arama who has been branded the title ‘Super MP’ by his constituents due his gestures and development-oriented mind,has been traversing his constituency for the past weeks donating food and non food items to cushion locals against impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

But on Friday,the Legislator decided to visit the Nakuru GK Prison which also falls under his constituency.

MP Samuel Arama during the donation.PHOTO/COURTESY.

Speaking at the facility,the vocal Nakuru MP said he felt that the families of staff within the facility also need support.

“We have staff families in this facility who also need support as those outside” he said.

During the visit,Arama donated food and non food items such as facemasks with the Management of the facility commending the gesture.

The MP called the Prison department to initiate a mass mask production to supply to the residents of Nakuru Town West.

Arama was accompanied by Nakuru Town West Deputy County Commissioner Elmi Shaffie.

The DCC lauding the Prison Department officers for their support whenever there is a joint security operations in the subcounty.

MP Arama launches sanitizer booth at Soko mjinga,Kaptembwa

Locals of Nakuru West sub county have a reason to smile this is after area MP Samuel Arama on Friday launched a sanitizer booth at Soko mjinga in Kaptembwa Ward.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama and other leaders during the launch.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Those who will be visiting the market will have to go through the booth that uses electricity to ensure sanitization.

The facility was donated by Super loaf Mini bakery Ltd to Nakuru Town West constituency.

Speaking during the launch, Arama commended the donors form thinking about the welfare of the people of his constituency.

He also lauded the effort being made by the county government of Nakuru through the Public health officers and other officials as far as COVID-19 precautions concerned.

“Earlier today, I officially launched the sanitizer booth at Soko mjinga in Kaptembwa ward.The facility was donated by Super loaf Mini bakery Ltd to Nakuru Town West constituency. The county government of Nakuru has been very supportive with their public health officers and other officials giving necessary advice” said Arama.

While noting that the facility can disinfect more than 3000 people in a day; Arama said that does not stop the locals from observing the government advisory on masks, social distance and other measures.

He urged locals to continue observing the set guidelines by the government through the Ministry of Health.

“Let us be responsible and by so doing we shall flatten the curve and eventually” he said.

The MP has been going around the entire Nakuru Town West Constituency aiding his constituents with food and non-food items to cushion them on the effects of COVID-19 pandemic

Arama vows to continue supporting constituents during COVID-19 period

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has vowed to continue supporting his constituents during the harsh economic times occasioned by COVID-19.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama during the food distribution. PHOTO/Hamisi Moha.

Arama who spoke on Tuesday at Mama Ngina Primary school during the distribution of foodstuffs and face masks in Shabaab Ward noted that many families were going through hard times due to COVID-19.

“I will stand with my people during these hard times of COVID-19 by ensuring that they get food, facemasks and sanitizers,” said Arama.

He also urged the people of Nakuru Town West to adhere to the government guidelines on COVID-19.

This, according to him is the only way to avert the spread of COVID-19.

The Legislator has been going around the constituency donating foodstuffs to the locals.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama has a word with Biashara Ward businessman and politician Hezron Manyara and Jubilee Party Branch Secretary Cheruiyot Kiplangat. PHOTO/Hamisi Moha.

Already more than 4000 families have benefited from this Noble course which is ongoing around the constituency.

Following concerns raised by locals over social distancing in past meetings, this time around the MP sought the services of a security team at the venue to ensure social distancing and maintenance of order.

The MP also donated more than 6000 face masks to the people of Shabab ward.

The MP will be visiting Barut and Kapkures wards on Wednesday and Thursday respectively.

Find permanent solution to floods, Nakuru West MP told

Nakuru West Politician Eric Ogada.

Nakuru West politician Eric Ogada now wants area MP Samuel Arama to act and ensure permanent solution to the floods that have always caused havoc in the area duri g rainy season and the overflow of Lake Nakuru.

Through an interview,Ogada says the area MP seems not to take the issue seriously despite having witnessed the havoc.

He says the floods have been a menace to the locals of Barut bordering Lake Nakuru.

The UGM party official has called on the MP to move with speed and help address the issue through the National Disaster Management team.

He says if the MP will fail to act in finding a permanent solution,they will as residents of Nakuru West seek help from National and county governments.

“We have had problem of floods especially for residents who border Lake Nakuru due to overflow.This is a matter that the MP is aware and should act to find a lasting solution”said Ogada.


Hundreds of parents camp at MP’s office over bursary forms

Hundreds of parents spent the better part of Monday at Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama’s office trying to sort out issues pertaining their bursary forms.

This is after it merged that their bursary fees application forms for their children had been rejected.The MP in a statement to press stated that the forms had been rejected after parents failed to attach necessary documents while applying for the NG-CDF bursary.

He however assured parents that the matter will be sorted out through his NG-CDF office.

“There were some parents who did not attach all the required documents and that’s what we are sorting out” said Arama.

According to the MP, each student joining a government boarding school would receive between Sh25, 000 and Sh38, 0000 for the first term, depending on the school’s fees.

PHOTO/Odongo:A notice indicating the disbursement of bursary cheques by Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama.

Nakuru MP on spot for trying to divert hospital project into stadium

A section of residents from Nakuru Town West have faulted area MP Samuel Arama over what they term is failure to involve them in crucial development agenda as enshrined in the constitution.

Addressing media in Nakuru West on Tuesday, the residents led by Mr.Erick Ogada raised alarm over a move taken by the MP to divert hospital project into stadium.

According to Ogada, the parcel of land that is adjacent to the area Deputy County Commissioner’s office was meant for the expansion of Kapkures Level 4 hospital but the legislator now wants a stadium constructed in the area.

According to sources close to the Legislator, there was no need to have the Kapkures hospital expanded since there is already Nakuru Level 5 hospital.

However, locals feel this is a misplaced and misguided move since health is crucial to the common citizens.

Moreover, last year Deputy President William Ruto during his tour in Nakuru West made a promise that Sh100Million would be released by the National government for the expansion of the Kapkures Hospital.

Ogada who is the Director Grassroot Democracy in the newly political formation-United Green Movement Party says this is contravening the constitution of Kenya which gives sovereign power to citizens through public participation on key development issues.

The residents now vow to hold peaceful demonstrations to compel the MP to stop the move and ensure public participation principle is adhered to and that the Kapkures hospital is expanded.

“The MP should respect the citizens and ensure public participation. We are not saying we do not want stadium but you cannot built stadium on parcel for land meant for hospital expansion” said Ogada.

This is not the first time that Nakuru Town West MP is on the spot over development issues.

Earlier this year locals raised concerns over what they termed is the Nakuru Town West NG-CDF kitty neglecting schools and only focusing on the perimeter walls a scenario that was witnessed in several schools among them Mogoon Primary that had pathetic latrines.

The move saw the MP visit the school to ascertain the situation.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:A signpost showing the proposed hospital area.

MP on spot as locals demand answers over NG-CDF funded projects

Just days after media highlighted the case of neglected Mogoon Primary school in Nakuru Town West constituency; residents of Nakuru Town west constituency have vowed to ensure every project is scrutinized before implementation.

A week ago media had highlighted the poor state of the school with sinking latrines, leaking roofs and dilapidated classrooms.

This prompted area MP Samuel Arama to visit the school on Monday making an announcement that the National Government CDF kitty had set aside Ksh.6 million for the development of the school.

However a section of residents feel the MP who has been busy erecting perimeter walls for schools has misplaced priorities as inside the schools reveals a different story despite the magnificent look from outside.

A spot check in various schools in the area reveals that the classrooms are dilapidated and need urgent renovation.Residents have now vowed to take projects in the area seriously putting the MP and the entire Nakuru West NG-CDF office to task over project priorities.

According to Mr. Dickson Mutai- a resident of Kapkures and alumni of Mogoon Primary school, the area has been neglected for many years in terms of development.

In an interview on Tuesday, Mr.Mutai called on locals to be alert and ensure transparency and accountability as far as NG-CDF projects are concerned.He says the law is very clear on matters citizen participation in prioritizing projects, social auditing and implementation.

“Projects in this constituency must be scrutinized and we are appealing to the locals to wake up and play their role in ensuring priority, accountability and transparency” said Mutai.

Similar sentiments echoed by Mr. Eric Ogada who called on area MP to put right his priorities as far as development projects are concerned.

Ogada who unsuccessfully contested the Nakuru Town West Parliamentary seat in 2017 also expressed his disappointment over what he terms is neglect of education sector in Nakuru West and more so those in Kapkures ward.

He says even after raising the matter in the media, the area MP visited Mogoon primary school and furiously queried the teachers for allowing media to highlight the same.According to Ogada, the MP should have addressed the problem just like his Kilifi counterpart did.

“I am disappointed with the action taken by MP to intimidated teachers and Board members after we highlighted the poor state of Mogoon Primary school. I think as a leader he should have addressed the issue like his Kilifi counterpart did” said Ogada.

He says, as residents they will be writing to the Cabinet Secretary Ministry of education to visit the schools in the area and ascertain the crisis.Ogada maintains that no teacher should be intimidated or threatened.

“No teacher should be intimidated. We shall be writing to the Ministry so that the CS himself visits the schools in Nakuru West” said Ogada.

Besides education sector, the residents have also raised concerned over the footbridges project in the constituency.While citing Parkview-Barut footbridge, and Kaptembwa-Barut footbridge, they say the amount of money used as per the auditor’s report does not reflect the completed projects.

According to the auditor’s report the Parkview-Barut footbridge consumed Ksh 1.1 million while the Kaptembwa-Barut footbridge rail guards’ construction consumed Ksh 1 million.

In addition, the report indicates that multi-million used on NG-CDF sports in Nakuru West,but the locals say there has never been tournament sponsored by the kitty.

This, they say might have been an avenue for embezzlement of tax payer’s money as the projects on ground do not reflect the amount in the auditor’s report.

“It is shocking that the projects on the ground the work done does not in any way reflect the millions used as indicated by the auditor general. As residents we want this investigated” said Ogada.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Parkview-Barut footbridge in Nakuru Town West constituency.According to auditor’s report the project consumed Ksh 1.1 million.

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