What Generation Z- led revolution in Kenya means

In Kenya, there’s a wave of young people(Millennials and Gen Z) who are leading a revolution against what they term ‘oppressive’ taxation.
Many may be interacting with the term Gen Z for the first time.
Well, this is the most literate and integrated group.
Infact, they seem to know no “mtu wetu” hence act independently.
What started on social media would later culminate into a strong wave in what is seen as Gen Z’s-led Revolution for this country.
The generation is fearless, non-tribal and well organised; peaceful in their conduct, contrary to previous political demonstrations that were violent.
A generation raised by open minded parents, they don’t know what is tribalism, dynasty, cartels etc.
Some argue that this type of revolution is  mainly inspired from set books/internet;
1. The enemy of the people
2. Betrayal in the city &
3. Kidagaa Kimemwozea
4. TikTok etc
They say, every sane leader should be worried from what transpired on the streets in this country as Gen Z’s-led demonstrations went on.
Generation Z is the mostly jobless generation whose their opportunities have been stolen by Kenyan politicians for so long time since independence.
The generation whos their resources have been corrupted for so long time since independence by Kenyan corrupt politicians.
So Gen Z have decided enough is enough for this great nation to be continued ruled by same politicians rather than lead by Gen Z whos idea is to save this United nation from the jaws of hungry wolves.
And even as they took to the streets, it was very clear that they are peaceful and their main agenda was to pass a message to the government of the day, that enough is enough.
Armed with placards incscripted with angry messages from hungry people who know their rights Gen Z boldly faced the police officers on the streets.
Their courage on another level with some even demonstrating even within Police stations.
Though, the Finance Bill was passed by MPs, it is clear that the message of young people is at home.
In an interview with Security analyst Retired Colonel Raymond Cheruiyot, he tells Famousnakuru.co.ke that such revolution by young people should not be ignored at all as it might lead into a strong movement.

Security analyst Retired Colonel Raymond Cheruiyot.PHOTO/PRISTONE MAMBILI 

According to Cheruiyot, this group has not been active in matters elections, but then from their approach, then they might have awaken from their slumber and they are up to start participating actively in matters elections and ensuring their voices are heard.

He added that he foresees a scenario where young people will come out in large numbers and elect some of their own to various positions come 2027.
“Looking at the demonstrations, it’s not same as previous that were not led by youth. The Generation Z are so many with problems and they feel they need to be addressed.They have come together for one reason,” he said.
Cheruiyot while noting that peaceful protests and picketing are allowed in the constitution, he urged police officers to play their role of just ensuring law and order and treat protesters in humane.


  1. its high time we take part in the decisions that has critical influence on our lives

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