How WhatsApp group is shaping Nakuru Politics

A Nakuru Whatsapp group platform is shaping the politics of Nakuru County from the election of governor to the election of speaker.
The Sauti ya wachuuzi platform which with over 250 active members is reported to have strongly contributed to the win of Governor Lee Kinyanjui through the various debates and analysis which convinced many.
Simon Ole Nasieku is the main administrator of the group and says the discussions have contributed to the shift in politics of Nakuru with members analyzing various principles of politics.
“I think the group has done a lot in shaping the politics of this county….members discuss every matter that affects the people of Nakuru and make recommendations” he said.
Ole Nasieku who is also immediate former Nakuru Hawkers Association chair when asked on the move taken by Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui in streamlining the county staff,says this was in order to ensure transparency and value addition.
In an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Nasieku added that the move was in order to ensure evaluation of the county staff.
“I support the move taken by the county CEO in streamlining the county staff through evaluation. We hope this will help in ensuring that the right people hold positions”he said.
While noting that small scale traders and hawkers in Nakuru town suffered under the past regime,Ole Nasieku is now optimistic that with the new leadership in Nakuru county, there will be some order.
He revealed that through his mobilization via Sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp he was able to mobilize and convince more hawkers to vote in Governor Lee Kinyanjui.
“Kinuthia Mbugua was not a bad guy but the people who surrounded him and that are why they even misguided him on the hawkers’ issue. We suffered under the past regime but this time round with Lee we are optimistic all will be well” he said.
It should be noted that the sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp platform under the leadership of Nasieku has been shaping the politics of the Nakuru county through various debates.
Currently the whatsapp group has been shaping the politics surrounding who is to take over the speaker’s seat in the Nakuru County Assembly after the incumbent Susan Kihika was elected Senator.
Currently the seat is being eyed by Eng.Joel Maina Kairu who served in Mbugua’s government as CEC roads, Nakuru based Lawyer Karanja Lawrence,Joseph Malinda(clerk county assembly of Nakuru),Gaichuie Nelson(former Subukia MP) and Anne Karigu who contested the woman rep seat unsuccessfully among others.
There has been heated debate on the sauti ya wachuuzi whatsapp platform over the same with members analyzing each candidate based on their past performance.
But according to Ole Nasieku who is the admin of the platform, the battle might be between two among the many.
He called on Nakuru county MCAs to ensure they vet the candidates very well to ensure that they do not elect a speaker who will mess the county through collaboration with other cartels.
“The battle is tough but I would appeal to the MCAs to ensure they vet them before electing speaker so that we don’t suffer in future” he said.
On the nominated MCAs’ list that was released on Tuesday, Nasieku welcomed the list saying it was considerable as compared to the famous list of romance that was released some time back in April which elicited mixed reactions.
He said the new list had included all persons from minority to special interest groups hence commendable for the wellbeing of Nakuru County.
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Susan Kihika supporters aid Naivasha Flower Orphans

The Nakuru County Assembly Speaker Hon. Susan Kihika is decisive and fast to act. Above all, she has a big heart and a sharp motherly instinct.

When the news broke out about the “Naivasha Flower orphans” after it was aired on NTV, it touched many people’s hearts. While many just let it pass, one person has taken it upon herself to mobilize resources for the poor souls. In one evening, she was able to raise over 180,000 shillings in aid of the orphans from her supporters.

A friend of hers, Catherine Kamau, from Naivasha who had watched the story on TV, reached out to Kihika who immediately got down to mobilizing resources. Her supporters in whom she has instilled a spirit of giving out to needy causes came out in large numbers contributing whatever one could afford at such short notice.

Apart from money, they were also collecting clothing and other items with drop off points in Naivasha and Nakuru.

It was not the first time she was at it. The charismatic Susan Kihika runs a monthly social program online where her friends and political supporters come together to assist in a needy cause.

Susan Kihika also has this ability to empower others and build leaders. Those she has mentored ably took it upon themselves to drive the fundraiser and deliver the donations. Top on the list is Allan Mbeche popularly known as Alteeza who hyped the campaign on WhatsApp and Simon ole Nasieku the chairman of Nakuru SMEs.

The Naivasha Flower Orphans are children who have been left behind by their parents who used to work at the flower farms. According to a caregiver at a home where the little one’s life, the proliferation of flower farms and possibilities of making a quick buck have contributed to a rise of HIV/AIDS-related deaths.

“We love and support Madam Susan Kihika because of the way she is able to bring out the best in people. Her ability to inspire, encourage and motivate shows just what a good leader she is,” said a staunch supporter of Susan Kihika.

“I think these are some of the qualities that set her apart. They are part of her and her charisma just comes out naturally. She is destined for great things and will take this county far,” added the supporter.

Citizens successfully lobby release of resident from Bahati Police

Phidelis Njeri, a resident of Kabatini Ward in Bahati was last night released from police cell in Bahati police station.
Phidelis who works in the area MCAs office had spent the night in the police cells and would have been there till Monday had it not been for the intervention of Nakuru residents.

The arrest of the outspoken Phidelis is suspected to have been politically instigated. She has been a long time challenger of Bahati MP Hon. Kimani Ngunjiri and even took him head on live TV a few weeks back. The MP had stomped out in protest.
According to the Bahati police station OCS David Rono, Phidelis was being held over water pipes that had been transferred from a government premises to a private one without the knowledge of the employer.
The case is however seen by many as witch hunt considering the case was resolved a few months back in August.
“When I sought the views of MCA Paul Mwangi who is her employer, he had said that the OCS had resolved there was no case back then. The revival of the case several months later is a pure case of intimidation,” said Grace Wangui Karuga a Women Rep aspirant in Nakuru, one of those who had gone to free Phidelis.

Citizen and Social media power

Once the news of her arrest had broken out, residents of Nakuru had quickly arranged to visit her on Social Media. The first group consisting of Nakuru Analysts founder Elijah Kinyanjui, Women Rep aspirant Grace Karuga, Hawker’s leader Ole Nasieku and Wairimu Musindi had left Nakuru town at 4:00 PM.
Others had joined them there later including Kiamaina MCA Samuel Kamau Kajoyce. Those that were away had expressed their solidarity including Bahati MP Aspirant Crispus Wathimba.
After discussions with the OCS, he had agreed to release Phidelis on a cash bond of Kshs. 5,000. The OCS who was described as highly arrogant by those present had however changed tune and asked for Kshs. 20,000 as bond.
“The OCS had demanded a Kshs. 5,000 bond and after we had raised it among ourselves, he raised it to Kshs. 20,000 to further frustrate efforts to free Phidelis, reported Ole Nasieku.

Phidelis Released – Finally

An agreement had been reached by 6:30 PM when they agreed to release Phidelis on 5K bond. As the bond was being prepared, another cop wielding a whip had unceremoniously chased those who had gone to stand in solidarity with Phidelis out of the station. He had told them to do their waiting outside.
“I think this station should be investigated. They don’t treat people fairly at all and they have been accused of even harassing Bodaboda riders,” said an aggrieved resident.
Phidelis was finally released a few minutes to 7:00 PM.

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