Angry London MCA Anthony Nzuki takes on Lee Kinyanjui

MCA Anthony Nzuki Wachira

London Ward MCA Anthony Wachira Nzuki has taken on Governor Lee Kinyanjui for failures he blames in the Governor’s office.

Addressing the press at the newly constructed matatu termini at Railways Grounds, the UDA MCA blamed the governor for the continued woes facing matatu people and other related stakeholders.

“Since they were removed out of town, the matatu operators have fallen more and more into poverty due to bad business,” said Nzuki.

“Taxis which are being allowed to get into the CBD have taken over the matatu business to the detriment of matatu operators,” added the MCA.

Lately, many people coming to town have preferred using taxis which drop them along Kenyatta Avenue or other preferred places within the CBD. This has eaten a lot into the matatu business.

Nzuki alleges that a cartel within the Governor’s office has been demanding money from matatu operators to be allocated space at the new matatu stage. The selling price according to Nzuki is between Kshs. 200,000 to 300,000.

“I don’t know whether the governor is aware that matatu stages are being sold to matatu operators by a clique of cartels from his office.”

Some of those mentioned by the London MCA include a Mr. Wambugu, Nakuru County Trade Director Mr. Onyango, County Enforcement officer Mr. Wathika, Chief Officer for PSM Mr. Githinji and the Chief of Staff Mr. Gichuhi.

“Governor Lee we don’t want petty fights with you but we are tired of you. You never involve nor consult the people and stakeholders,” Nzuki accused the Governor.

The new matatu stage was to be opened by President Uhuru on the day he came to Nakuru to award a city charter. However, there was a lot of hostility which led to that bit being removed from the program. Since they were moved out of town, there has been a lot of bad blood between the Governor and the matatu operators. At no point has he taken time to engage with them on an amicable solution or way forward according to Nakuru Matatus chairman Mr. Steve Muli.

“We demand that you come and meet with the relevant stakeholders in this stage on Monday. Failure to that, on Tuesday we shall all come to this new matatu stage and allocate it to ourselves,” the angry MCA threatened.

Lobby’s letter reveals rot in Governor Kinyanjui’s departments

LEE Kinyanjui

A Nakuru based lobby group has written an open letter to Governor Lee Kinyanjui demanding that he put things right in various departments.

The letter from Friends of Devolution comes barely a day after Kinyanjui made reshuffle in his cabinet.

FOD Chairman Ben Macharia states “Kinyanjui’s trusted lieutenants are controlling departments to the detriment of technical staffs assigned duties”.

The Lobby group however commending the Governor for at least trying to salvage service delivery in Nakuru County which to some extent is at its lowest by reshuffling some of non-performing Staff.

Macharia is however quick to note that there is a need for change across all departments.

“We needed changes in all the departments since we have seen individuals taking over departments and driving them as individual properties,” he said.

The FOD points out that there are cases of a number of CECMs and COs abusing lower cadre staffs and denying them facilitation to smoothly execute their mandates.

In addition, FOD reveals that across departments staffs are using personal vehicles as departmental cars are assigned to certain so-called powerful cartels at the expense of sub-counties staffs allocated official duties.

“As we speak there are still CECs and COs calling themselves Super that or that. A point in example departments is suffering from cash crunch as so-called enemy departments are not allocated cash for operations. Bwana Gavana do a background check and you will see that you need to reshuffle majority of your staffs” said Macharia.

FOD further argues that rolling out of projects in the 55 wards must be implemented equally with no favouritism.

Macharia claims that one contractor in Nakuru County is doing over 70% of contracts in all ten departments.

For this reason, FOD is calling on Governor Kinyanjui to move with speed and correct that which he can.

“Correct that which you can but we as Wananchi continue to watch as gains made are clawed back due to inefficiency. We expect more in restructuring and also appoint CECs to fill vacant departments” said Macharia.

Leaders, locals expectations ahead of president address

Leaders as well as locals from Nakuru County have expressed mixed reactions ahead of the President Uhuru Kenyatta’s national address on COVID-19.

Majority of locals in Nakuru town who spoke to this writer are anticipating that the President will relax some of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Hanningtone Maina –a resident is of the opinion that the President should relax some of the restrictions on COVID-19.

“We hope the President will relax some of the restrictions because CORONA is here to stay and we just need to learn to live with it” said Maina.

However, some locals feel if the President will open Nairobi Metropolitan, Mombasa and Mandera Counties then it will lead to more infections as many will move to rural areas.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui on his part stating that President Kenyatta is facing a dilemma over the all issue of whether to open the economy or not.

Kinyanjui is however quick to note that the counties have not fully prepared in terms of bed capacity to handle the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore there is need for more time and more measures in place.

“As it stands now the counties are yet to fully put in place the measure for the COVID-19” said Kinyanjui.

Sentiments echoed by Subukia MP Samuel Gachobe.

According to the Law maker, in case the President decides to open up the economy then there should be measures in place to ensure those travelling to rural areas are tested and given certificate.

“If the President decides to open up the economy then there should be testi9ng and certification before mass movement” he said.


Governor Lee is incompetent, clueless and visionless – Susan Kihika

Outspoken Nakuru County Senator, Susan Kihika, has described Governor Lee Kinyanjui of incompetence and lacking in vision.

In a scathing attack on social media, that first time senator and former speaker of the Nakuru County Assembly described the governor in unflattering terms adding that her criticism should not be seen as early campaigns.

“When in the course of my oversight duties I stated that Lee’s Administration had returned the money, not just some pocket change but 3.9 billion to the treasury despite the myriad of problems facing our county, he denied it and had his minions saying it was 2022 politics,” wrote the senator.

The mercurial and charismatic senator is a darling of many not only in Nakuru but in the country as large. She’s a fearless outspoken leader who doesn’t shy away from telling the truth. As the number one oversight person in Nakuru County, Senator Susan Kihika has time and time again proven to be Governor Lee’s greatest nightmare.

“Governor Lee is simply incompetent, clueless and visionless,” wrote Senator Kihika on her Facebook page.

The senator’s dissatisfaction with the county CEO rose after a report showing that Nakuru County not only led in the least development funds absorption but also spent the highest in personal emoluments.

“While Narok County spent over 80% of its Development Budget on Development Expenditure Nakuru only spent a measly 18%,” she quipped.

“Additionally, Nakuru spent 58% (5.91B) on Personnel Emoluments while the law caps it at 35%. Yet he (Governor Lee) continues on a hiring spree,” she added.

Senator Susan Kihika further wonders how the Governor could return funds to the treasury while many critical areas remained unattended.

“How on earth would he return money to the treasury despite the poor condition of roads in our county? Lots of casuals workers having gone for months without pay? ECD classrooms where parents pool resources to employ a teacher for their young ones? Dispensaries and hospitals without drugs and sufficient staff? A majority of the areas in the county lacking water?” Queried the senator.

Reacting to her Facebook post, hundreds of Nakuru county residents have also expressed disappointment with the Governor. While agreeing with the senator, the residents say Lee has turned out to be a disappointment who never prioritizes what needs to be done.


Nakuru hawkers decry harassment by County askaris

Hawkers in Nakuru County have raised alarm over what they term harassment from county enforcement officers.

Addressing media on Tuesday after holding peaceful demonstrations through the Nakuru’s CBD to the Governor’s office, the group of hawkers are blaming the county government of Nakuru for not having their welfare at heart.

They say there has not been clear mechanisms concerning how they can remit their levies to the county government of Nakuru but instead the county enforcement officers have continued to harass and even arrest them.

In what seems to be history repeating itself from the first county government, the Hawkers now calling on the county government of Nakuru to hear their grievances and address the same.

They claim that once arrested by the county enforcement officers they are forced to pat with up to shs.3000-money they say is beyond their reach as hawkers since the business does not earn them much.

“The county askaris are really harassing and arresting us in the name of we have not paid the levies to the county yet the county itself has not come out clear on what should be done. We want Governor Lee to step in address this matter” said the hawkers led by John Mwangi.

It will be recalled that during the first county government of Nakuru that was led by the then Governor Kinuthia Mbugua, hawkers lamented over harassment.

But this did not deter Kinuthia Mbugua from evacuating them from the Nakuru’s CBD-an issue that led to bad blood between Mbugua and the hawkers.

And with the new development the hawkers say they have no otherwise but their grievances be heard by the county government of Nakuru led by Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

Addressing media after a lengthy closed door meeting that brought together county officials and the hawkers’ leadership, area MP David Gikaria called for an amicable solution into the matter.

While noting that such conflict arose way back in 2004 when he was a councilor, Gikaria called on county government to dialogue with hawkers so as to avert similar incidents.

The legislator vowing to work closely with the hawkers’ leadership to ensure their rights are safeguarded.

“As leaders we will not allow this conflict to continue. I call upon the county government to ensure amicable solution” said Gikaria.

The Nakuru Town East Legislator was accompanied by Simon Ole Nasieku form the hawkers’ association as well as Nakuru town businessman and politician Hezron Manyara.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Nakuru Town East MP David Gikaria addressing hawkers outside the Nakuru county headquarters.

Nakuru Governor goes missing as DP Ruto visits Nakuru

Questions are being raised about why the Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui missed several events in Nakuru graced by the Deputy President.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui not only missed the events but also did not send any representation.

Though there are claims that he had not been invited, his seat had been reserved for all the occasions but he decided to miss.

The first was in Gilgil Sub-county hosted by MP area MP Martha Wangari on Saturday.

At Gilgil, the Deputy President to work towards an improved drainage and road network; reliable water supply; equipped hospitals and increased electricity connections. These he said would revamp Gilgil town and turn it into a thriving economic hub.

The Deputy President later on Saturday visited Nakuru Town West sub-county where he attended two functions. While there he launched several projects, promised to improve the road network and supported Holy Cross Catholic Church in Shabaab ward.

On Sunday, the Deputy president was still in Nakuru where he worshipped at St. Simon and Jude Catholic in Nakuru Town East Constituency.

The DP promised that the old Nairobi road will be re-carpeted and electricity connection will be given a priority. He also supported the completion of the church’s new building.

Governor Lee Kinyanjui was conspicuously absent in all these development functions.

Some residents at St. Simon & Jude church were heard wondering why the governor had shown them the contempt card vowing to do the same when he went there to seek their votes.

Strange enough, it has emerged that the Governor was not in any other official engagement. The governor who has a penchant for sharing everything he does on his official Facebook page posted nothing the whole weekend to show he was engaged elsewhere. The only posting on Sunday was about the Kenya Highways Authority (KENHA) unclogging the drainage at Gatehouse roundabout.


Nakuru County CECs – 2017 meet the nominees

The Nakuru County Governor H.E Lee Kinyanjui has today Thursday revealed the ten individuals set to become the next Nakuru County Chief Executive Committee members (CECs).
The following is a list of the ten, their qualifications and past experience.

Engineer Lucy Wanjiku Kariuki – Lands, Housing and Physical Planning

Currently working with Kenya Pipeline as Senior Engineer in charge of Health, Safety and Environment in the Western region. A professional Engineer, registered by the Engineers Registration Board with a work experience of 18 years.

Halima Gababa Abdulahi – Women, Youth, Culture, Gender, Sports and Social Services

Currently working in the County Government of Nakuru as Senior Public Health Officer in charge of Development Control.
She holds a Degree in Environmental Health Science, Masters’s in Public Health, Masters in Development Studies and. Currently pursuing PhD in Development Studies and a working experience of 17 yrs.

Lawrence Mwangangi Mwania – Public Service, Training and Devolution

Currently working with National Government as Deputy County Commissioner in Turkana.
He has a BA in Public Administration, Moi University. He has 20 yrs experience as Public Administrator

Joseph Wainaina Kiuna – Finance and Economic Planning

Former CEO of Britam Insurance Company. Former CEO of Real Insurance Company in charge of Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and Mozambique. He has a Degree in Economics from Kenyatta University and has 20 years in the Private sector.

Eng Joseph Irungu Mburu – Infrastructure

Currently working in National Government as a Regional Roads Engineer in Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) Nakuru. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from JKUAT and has 19 yrs working experience.

Immaculate Njuthe Maina – Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Cooperatives

Currently working as, the Centre Director KARLO (Kenya Agriculture, and Livestock Research Organization), Njoro Centre. Holds a PhD in Agriculture and work experience of 18 yrs.

Dr Jonah Manjari Mwangi- Health Services

Immediate former Health CEC Kiambu County. He holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Back of Surgery from UON and has a Master’s in ENT Surgery from UON and work experience of 20 yrs.

Raymond Komen Kimutai – Education, ICT and e-Government

Currently engaged in Agriculture Business and Hospitality Industry. Previously served as Chief of Staff in County Government of Nakuru for 2 years and prior to that ten years in Senior Management in Banking Industry. He has a Degree in Economics, from UON, a Diploma in Banking from Kenya School of Monetary Studies and a Diploma in Financial Management from Kenya Institute of Management and a working experience of 12 yrs.

Engineer Festus Ng’eno – Water, Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

Currently working as Group Manager Water Treatment Division at Davis and Shirtliff Ltd and serving as Board Director and Vice Chairman of World Vision Kenya.
Previously worked as Managing Director, Kericho Water and Sanitation Company. He holds a Master’s in Environment and Bio-Systems Engineering from UON and a postgraduate Diploma in Leadership and Corporate Governance.
He’s a lead expert with NEMA, Registered Environmental impact assessment and audit with a working experience of 10 yrs.

Dr Peter Evans Kiplangat – Trade, Industry, Marketing and Tourism

Previously working with Kenya Forest Service as Deputy Director and Head of Finance. He has worked for Kenya Rural Roads Authority as General Manager, Finance. Currently CEO of SPC Ltd a financial consulting company. He’s a part-time Lecturer at Catholic University and holds a PhD in Finance, MBA and BCom with 15 years work experience.

Lee sends administrators on compulsory leave,warns Public Service Board

All sub county administrators, Deputy Sub county administrators and Ward administrators in Nakuru County have been sent on compulsory leave with immediate effect.
Addressing media today in his office, Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui said this was as a way of allowing for their evaluation in a process that will look into their skills suitability and possible re-engagement.
“All sub county administrators, Deputy Sub county administrators and Ward administrators in Nakuru County have been sent on compulsory leave with immediate effect to allow evaluation” read part of the statement.
At the same time Governor Kinyanjui put on notice the Nakuru County Public Service Management Board for what he termed is malpractices in recruitment.
He said his government will stop at nothing to initiate and facilitate any process that will ensure resumption of credibility in the institution.
While noting with concern the erratic hiring of staff as well as arbitrary promotions curiously carried out in the last four months, the County CEO said he will ensure restructuring and re-engineering of the purpose of hi s government to ensure service delivery.
On matters of Health sector, Governor Kinyanjui revealed that a task force had been set up to look into the state of affairs in the sector with the aim of coming up with a recovery strategy.
The task force shall be headed by Prof. James Tuitoek and shall be among others look into Human Resource issues, the management of Rift valley Provincial Hospital and procurement/supply chain issues.
“They are expected to table their report in 30 days for action” he said.
Meanwhile, all procurement functions in Nakuru County have been halted for a period of 30 days but very rare exceptions will be given for goods and services that are either of emergency or essential nature.
While noting the prevailing corruption in key departments relating to finance and procurement, Governor Kinyanjui was optimistic that the move will give an opportunity to clean up the sytem.
“This will give an opportunity to clean up the sytem that has been infested with cartels who have critically drained the county resources through payments for among others non-delivered goods, sub standard deliveries, overpriced tenders, incomplete projects, bribery etc” he said.
The governor regretted that the annual wage bill for Nakuru county stands at Kshs. 5.3 billion plus hence this was affecting development and improvement of livelihoods of the residents.
In order to address the above challenge, the county CEO there will be as from within the next one month biometric census and staff appraisal procedures to ascertain staff data in correspondence with the payroll.
“Ghost workers netted in the process must have a day with justice, so will be the case of those responsible for that plunder” he said.
In addition as a way of addressing the issues of financial revenue in Nakuru county which has decreased from Kshs. 1.9 billion in the last financial year, top officials have been sent on a compulsory one month leave among them county secretary Joseph Motari.
Former Changamwe DC Benjamin Njoroge will now serve as Nakuru county secretary but in acting position.
Others are Director of Finance Mr.Wilson Mungai,Director of Procurement Mr.Eliezar Ngarari,Head of Enforcement Mr.Joseph Kiara and his deputy Mr.Charles Nyanaro and head of Accounts Mr.Dan Odundo.
Governor Kinyanjui however assured Nakuru residents that his administration will ensure quality service delivery.
He also took the moment to warn those who have chosen mediocrity, unprofessional-ism, wastage, corruption, and all manner of vices as the signature of their presence at work must come to an end for a better Nakuru.

Lee Kinyanjui sends County secretary Joseph Motari packing

The new Nakuru County Governor Lee Kinyanjui has today sent former County SecretraryJoseph Modusi Motari on compulsory leave.

Lee Kinyanjui addressing the media
Lee Kinyanjui addressing the media

While addressing the press on his first day in office, the second Nakuru County Governor said he was sending Mr Motari on compulsory leave as he awaits to be redeployed by the National Government.
“We wish to make changes in some of the offices starting with the office of the County Secretary. Mr Motari who is here on secondment will go on compulsory leave as we wait for him to return to the National Government,” said Lee.
Taking over from Mr Motari with immediate effect is Mr Benjamin Njoroge. Mr Njoroge has also been seconded by the National Government and is taking over in an acting capacity.
Other officers sent on a one-month compulsory leave include Wilson Mwangi the Director of Finance, Eliezer Ngarari who has been the Director of procurement and Joseph Kiara, who has been head of enforcement. Also sent on compulsory leave are Mr Charles Nyanaro and Dan Odundo who are Deputy head of enforcement and head of accounts respectively.
All the sub-county administrators, their deputies and ward admins have also been sent on compulsory leave. This, the Governor says, will allow for them to be re-evaluated.
“This will allow for their evaluation in a process that will look into their skills, suitability and possible re-engagement,” said Lee Kinyanjui who ordered those going to hand over to the new County Secretary Mr Benjamin Njoroge.
The Public Service Management Board has received a stern warning from the Governor about its past behaviour. Governor Lee noted that the board has been adversely mentioned in the past for recruitment malpractices including bribery and sexual exploitation.
“It shall no longer be business as usual. My Government will stop at nothing to initiate and facilitate any process that will ensure the resumption of credibility in this institution,” warned Lee.

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