Make corruption a capital offence – Victor Ngatia

Victor Ngatia
Corruption should be made a capital offence where those implicated face tough penalties.
Nakuru Town West politician and businessman Victor Ngatia says this is the only way to address the same.
“I pray that we make corruption a capital offence,” he said.
 Ngatia says enough is enough and Kenyans have to act to stop corruption.
While noting that the fight against graft is a collective responsibility, Ngatia stated that there are individuals who are not ready to join.
“I notice we have this weakness of only wanting to sound right but never act,” stated Ngatia.
The Nakuru Town West politician also hitting at government institutions.
He says they have failed to take lead in the fight.
“Our institutions have failed to nail it and many are times they have abetted if not benefited from it,” Ngatia said.
He has challenged Kenyans to also make their contribution by electing leaders of integrity.
“Today elections are not about leadership but handouts. Nailing the dragon becomes difficult,” he stated.
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