MCA Mbae welcomes President’s announcement on restaurants’ operations

Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae during an interview.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has welcomed the announcement by President Uhuru Kenyatta allowing selected restaurants to resume operations.

Mbae who  is also the Vice chair Trade and Tourism Committee at the county assembly of Nakuru says this is a noble move to ensure the workers who depended on the hotels can now resume work.

Nakuru county has over 30,000 workers in the hospitality industry who have been out on unpaid leave.

“I welcome the announcement.Besides workers to meet obligations in rents and loans, it is a relief to most of over 30,000 workers in the hospitality industry in Nakuru County who have been out on unpaid leave” said Mbae.

The MCA calling on the County Health department to help the establishments get approvals for the new regulations as soon as it’s practical so they can resume operations.

Nakuru Tourism Association Chair David Mwangi had raised concerns on how the hospitality and Tourism sector in Nakuru county was negatively hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.


Nakuru MCA releases his two-years transformation report card

Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has released his two years transformation Report card as a way of ensuring he is accountable to the people of Kabazi who elected him in 2017 General elections.

Mbae holds a PHD in Peace and Conflict Studies at the Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology, Kakamega besides having masters in Mass Communication.

Speaking to this writer just ten days after releasing the report, the vocal Nakuru county assembly member says the report will serve as his accountability statement to the people.

While reiterating that there is need for a total change in leadership format of the country, Dr.Mbae who becomes the first MCA in Nakuru county and Kenya at large to release such accountability report says he is committed to sacrifice and work extra hard, at all times, in all honesty and utmost good faith to serve Kabazi Ward.

According to the Phd-holder, leaders should always endeavor at all times to consult and involve the people in decision making, create networks and partnerships to help accelerate development.

“We need to change the leadership in this country by ensuring that we elect people who know what they are elected for which is to transform the lives of the people” says Mbae.

With much anchorage on achieving grassroot transformation through citizen ownership, engagement and participation in integrated social economic empowerment results framework, the MCA has been able to deliver on quite a number of projects since he assumed office in 2017.

He humbly admits that this has been made possible through the, working and coordination with the County Government, National Government State departments and agencies, Subukia County HODs, development partners, Friends of Kabazi, Kabazi Ward Professionals and Business Community Forum and other stakeholders.

In the Water sector, the residents of Kabazi have a reason to smile as several water tanks and boreholes have been installed among them Marigu,Gitura,Ruiru as well as rehabilitation of several dams in the area.

Other projects that have been planned for the financial year 2019/2020-2020/2021 include equipping and piping of Kamuohi,Gitura,Ndungiri,Marigu,Endao,Ruiru,Akuisi,Kihoto and Karumaindo boreholes.The locals have also been able to get clean water –thanks to the partnership with One Kenya based in USA where 12,500 households benefiting with water filters.

The two years scorecard also revealing that the infrastructure sector in Kabazi Ward has not been neglected with already several roads upgraded and culverts installed besides the ongoing grading of 130kms of access roads across the Ward, murrumming of 20kms access roads.

According to the report, already 1.5kms of access roads will be tarmacked in the financial year 2019/2020-2020/2021 besides grading and murruming of access roads in the war.

The MCA also adds that there will be the corrugation of 300m Kabazi-Gitura road section as well as installation of street lights in the area.

In the health sector which plays key role in the country, the Kabazi residents will enjoy health services following the complete renovation of the Kirima and Gitura dispensary centers which are critical in rural areas.

And for the financial year 2019/2020-2020/2021 plans are underway for the renovation of Kabazi,Solai,Kirima health facilities as well as purchase land for Ndungiri Hospital.

In education sector, Ksh3, 840,000 have been distributed as bursary benefitting 209 learners in Secondary schools, 254 in Universities, 108 in Colleges, 91 in polytechnics, 68 Bodaboda operators and 26 in Special schools.

ECDE classrooms have also been constructed at Mburu Gichua,Kihoto,Kipngochoch and Marigu B besides the adopt-A-school mentorship program in 32 schools.In boosting trade and agribusiness, Kabazi Cooperative office, and renovation of Kabazi Centre Market.

The area MCA has also been able to partner with County government and Ministry of Lands to help titling for Solai settlement schemes among them Nyakinyua,Marigu Farmers,Mwireri and Akuisi.

For youths and sports,the scorecard report highlights the various achievements among them the leveling of playfields at Kabazi,Solai Centre and Ndungiri as well as empowering the teams with various sports kits.

In an interview with this writer,Dr.Mbae proudly states the projects have been guided by the views from residents during the Kabazi Ward Public Participation sessions and enshrined in the Kabazi Ward Transformation Framework 2018 – 2022.

Executing the same, he says is not an easy task and calls for collaboration hence the establishment of 23 MCA representatives the 23 administrative clusters and 92 village representatives, 4 in each village.

There is also the Results Delivery Unit, which coordinates the implementation of the Transformation Framework headed by former Permanent Secretary Joyce Nyamweya, who is a resident of the Ward.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kabazi Ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past media briefing in Nakuru.

Akuisi Farmers Company Directors on spot over alleged misappropriation of funds

1200 members of Akuisi Farmers Company limited in Solai Subukia on Tuesday held a peaceful demonstration over alleged misappropriation of company funds.

The members while waving twigs and placards marched from Kiremba village to the local assistant county commissioner’s office where they demanded that the company directors be held to account.

They took issue with the move by the current directors to open a new bank account without the knowledge of members adding that efforts to have them furnished with statements of account have been futile.

A meeting called by the area MCA Dr. Peter Mbae to resolve the stand off failed top take place after the company directors skipped and switched off their phones.

The company members have now called on Nakuru county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha to convene an urgent meeting of all the directors and members in order to resolve the standoff.

“We are calling on Nakuru county commissioner Joshua Nkanatha to convene an urgent meeting of all the directors and members in order to resolve the standoff” they said.

On his part Dr. Mbae said that it was unfortunate that the current directors have resulted to collecting funds from members only for them to fail to account for the same.

He said that on Thursday they will be convening a meeting at the county commissioner’s office to chat the way forward.

“We want this matter to be addressed once and for all. Let the law face up with those who have messed up these members” said Dr.Mbae.

But in a telephone interview, company chairman Joseph Githaiga Ndirangu defended his office saying that his decision to open a new bank account was driven by the fact that the former directors had not handed over their books off accounts and thus mixing of members contributions could spark a controversy when it comes to accounting.

“We opened a new bank account since the former directors had not handed over their books off accounts and thus mixing of members contributions could spark a controversy when it comes to accounting” said Githaiga.

Akuisi Farmers Company has had long leadership standing wrangles that have delayed issuing of title deeds.

It is one of the companies whose members are set to benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru county which was initiated following a presidential directive.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Members of Akuisi Farmers Company limited being addressed by Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae.

Why Nakuru politician with a PhD went for MCA seat

Dr.Peter Mbae-the current MCA for Kabazi ward in Nakuru County is one of the most learned politicians in Nakuru County.

The vocal MCA has a PhD in Peace and reconciliation besides having masters in Mass communication which perhaps makes him articulate issues after a third eye view.

In an exclusive interview, Dr.Mbae who served in the Nakuru County Public service Board before switching to politics says he contested the MCA seat contrary to the views of many.

He says the society though he would go for a higher seat such as MP or even Senator but according to him passion to transform the society led him to vie as an MCA in the August polls of 2017.

He adds that the MCA seat is paramount when it comes to devolution and that no one can talk of devolution without the MCA seat hence he contested the seat with aim to help transform the society.

“I s a very important position if you really want to transform the society and I had the passion on the same. People were asking me during my graduation that with your PhD you went for MCA?… no we are getting it wrong.. these are the people who brought us up and I have had a desire to transform the village” he said.

Upon his assumption into office as MCA, Dr.Mbae through collaboration with heads of departments and other local administrators in the area, he came up with Kabazi Ward Development Framework for the next 5 years.

The 5 years’ Ward Development Framework is one of its kind in Nakuru county and across the country as no ther MCA has ever come up with such.It incorporates the needs of the people of Kabazi after several public participation meetings.

According to the MCA, the framework focuses on 5 key agenda which include water,infrastructure,Health,Education and Empowerment.

To him, time is now to ensure professionalism in politics of this country and focus on developmental issues that can transform the society.

“It’s high time we include professionalism into our politics. Through consultation with other stakeholders and the people of Kabazi, we came up with the Kabazi Ward Development Framework that will help us address the needs of the people of Kabazi” he said.

The MCA is optimistic that by December 2020, the framework will be seen through various achieved projects with annual report every 8th August on the achievements made.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past Press briefing.

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