Governor Kihika highlights measures in place towards climate change mitigation

The county government of Nakuru is puting in place measures towards mitigation of climate change.

Governor Susan Kihika has reiterated that her administration is fully committed on the same.
Speaking on Tuesday February 6, 2024 during a meeting with Ward Climate change Committees, Kihika revealed that already policy and legal frameworks are in place
“Today, I am proud to report that our County Government is fully committed to leading the charge against Climate Change. Firstly, we have put in place policy and legal frameworks, which are the underpins in defining the approaches towards climate change mitigation,” she stated.
According to Governor Kihika, The Nakuru County Climate Change Act 2021 is in place.
The Act clearly defines what the county must do to address climate change in Nakuru.
The Nakuru County Climate Change Fund is also in place.
The Fund facilitates resource mobilization, use, monitoring, learning and evaluation of programs to help build resilience and actualize adaptation plans.
Kihika added that The Nakuru County Climate Change Policy identifies key thematic areas that must be given attention when dealing with the effects of climate change in the county.
In addition, The Nakuru County Climate Change Action Plan that stipulates the most appropriate data-driven and evidence-based interventions to tackle all climate change issues.
The county has also The Participatory Risk and Vulnerability Assessment – a countywide assessment that helps narrow down to specific issues that must be addressed.
“Under all the above policies and legal frameworks, I can comfortably say we have made significant strides in dealing with specific issues using specific actions. What is needed now is a guided and collaborative approach to achieve the desired outcomes,” she said.
Going forward, Kihika revealed that the County Government of Nakuru will actively engage with the local, national, regional, and global community to forge partnerships and agreements that transcend borders.
She reiterated the need to work together towards a future where communities collaborate to reduce carbon emissions, protect ecosystems, and promote sustainable development.
While noting The right to a Clean and Healthy Environment as enshrined in the Constitution of Kenya, Kihika pointed out the pivotal role of innovation in combating climate change.
“We are encouraging the WCCPCs to play an active role and take the lead in promoting the needed innovation, which the County Government will play a role by investing in solutions that mitigate the impact of climate change,” she said.
To ensure accountability, transparency, and a unified approach, Kihika said there is already established a dedicated task force on climate change, which is the Climate Change Unit.
The unit, she said will work tirelessly to monitor progress, set realistic targets, and enact policies that prioritize environmental conservation and protection.
“Our commitment to fighting climate change goes beyond policy and rhetoric. We must also embrace a cultural shift towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. Education and awareness campaigns will be launched to inspire individuals, communities, and businesses to make responsible choices that contribute to a healthier planet,”
This even as County Government, in this year’s budget has allocated Kshs 88 million for Climate Change mitigation.
Kihika once again has appealed to the the MCAs who happen to be environment champions in their respective capacities to advocate for allocation of not less than 2.5% of the total development budget to go towards Climate Change actions.

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