Clergy lauds Kenyans for maintaining peace in concluded election process

Members of the clergy in Nakuru  county have called on Kenyans to maintain peace and focus on steering the county forward in terms of development.

Led by Bishop Naftaly Thuku of The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa, the clergy said after the Supreme Court verdict, time is now for the country to move forward in unity.

Bishop Naftaly noted that Kenya is greater than any individual hence need for all leaders to work together for prosperity.

“We call on Kenyans to continue loving each other and our leaders to now focus on uniting the country and development” he said.

He spoke at Wanyororo AIPCA Parish.

The clergy lauded Kenyans for the peace experienced so far since the August Polls until the Supreme Court issued verdict in the Presidential petition that was filed.

“We thank God for the peace we have enjoyed up to this time and it will be good for us to maintain this peace as we embark on building this nation after the elections,” he added.


Water, Health, Agriculture among UDA priority areas in Nakuru County

Water, Health and Agriculture a priority

Provision of water, empowerment of SMEs, access to health services and support of the agriculture sector are some of the areas that the UDA government will prioritize for Nakuru County residents.

Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting
Nakuru County Residents at a UDA meeting in Bahati

Speaking in Bahati Constituency when he toured the area this Saturday, the Deputy President and the UDA presidential candidate Dr William Ruto said his government will put priority on meeting the basic needs of the people.

“Our first priority will be ensuring that water is available to every resident of Nakuru from the month of September,” promised the Deputy President.

His government’s second priority immediately after being sworn in will be ensuring Kenyan youths are properly equipped with relevant technical skills and support for SMEs.

“We must ensure that through Technical Training Institutes, we equip our youths with skills that will help than in these times. Through the Bottom-Up Economic model, the (UDA) government shall put 50 billion annually to support small businesses like market traders and bodaboda riders,” said Dr Ruto.

The support for farmers will also be a priority area to economically empower them and also make Kenya a food secure country.

This will be achieved via ensuring that farm inputs are cheaply available and the government helping in market access.

On matters of health, the Deputy President said his government will ensure that every Kenyan can access health services at the least cost and that NHIF will be universally available to everyone.

“High-income earners like myself will pay more to NHIF while the low-income earners will pay just a little to access NHIF insurance cover,” the presidential candidate promised to add that those who completely cannot afford will have the government pay for their health cover.

His sentiments were echoed by Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who is also a gubernatorial aspirant in Nakuru County.

“Access to clean drinking water, affordable health services and affordable farm inputs are some of the greatest challenges facing Nakuru County residents. Our vision for an economically empowered people” said Susan Kihika who explained her vision to ensure Nakuru residents are able to improve their living standards.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika has promised to prioritize Water, Health and Agriculture in Nakuru

Nakuru County’s economy is largely dependent on agriculture, especially in the rural areas and the provision of water for irrigation will be a huge boost.

Others who accompanied the Deputy President were Kenya Kwanza leaders Musalia Mudavadi and Moses Wetangula among many others. The team toured Bahati County starting from Dundori, Lanet, Kiamaina and Bahati Wards.

UDA supporters in Dundori
UDA supporters in Dundori

Karigu Keru starts work at Harambee House

One Karigu Keru still recalls the day she kicked off her campaigns. It was on a sunny dusty day when she drove herself to Naivasha, parked her small car and spent the whole day at Karagita Market.

Armed with a plastic paper bag in one hand, Karigu Keru plunged into the unknown waters of political campaigns. She would say hi to people, tell them she was vying for the women rep seat and give them the handbills she had in her black paper bag.

Karigu spent the entire day at Karagita market. Talking to people, answering questions and learning the tricks.

By the end of the day, she had throngs of people following her mostly consisting of bodaboda riders. As fate would have it, another Women Rep contestant was having a rally in Naivasha and the riders took her to the meeting. That was to be the first time she addressed a political rally from the podium.

One of her most memorable days was again in Naivasha. She had been advised to visit a place called “Bunge” where apparently, Naivasha Town politics was shaped.

On that day, she arrived in Naivasha at around 6 PM in the evening and headed to Bunge. She got there as the young people were crowded watching the evening news. After the news, she cleared her voice, said hello and revealed her plans.

“Am Karigu Keru. Am here to ask for your support as the women rep in the coming general elections,” she introduced herself.

There was a momentary silence as her audience took in the news. Then someone laughed, followed by another and then another. Every one of those people had thought she was joking. Fortunately, they lent her their ears and she got them listening and engaging her.

By the time she was through she was so parched in the throat and hungry looking that someone in the audience decided to buy her tea and mandazi.

Throughout the campaigns, Karigu says she met a lot of well-wishers.

“Every now and then I would have someone offer to chauffeur me. Other candidates allowed me to join their rallies and one gentleman from Naivasha once gave me his pickup for a whole two days. That was the most humbling gesture. The businessman from Naivasha gave me his fully fuelled pickup, sound system and a driver to take me around Naivasha for two good days ahead of the nominations,” says Karigu.

“That to me was a huge boost on my morale,” she adds.

Although she lost in the Jubilee Primaries, Karigu stayed within the campaign trail. She had made a good showing garnering 55,000 votes coming second to Hon. Liza Chelule.

Never the one to tire easily, Karigu spent the rest of the campaign period on campaign trucks and rallies rallying her supporters behind the Jubilee party and jubilee candidates.

Her joy and happiness could not be contained when Jubilee emerged victoriously.

Karigu was not ready to get out of active politics even after the campaigns.

“I’ve always admired the Deputy President. He’s one of the most hardworking politicians I know and the fact that he came out of very humble beginnings to be where he is today has always inspired me,” reveals Karigu Keru.

For the past one year, Karigu has remained a strong supporter of Jubilee but more so the Deputy President. She has never missed a single event graced by the DP in the county and sometimes she even goes to the neighbouring counties when the DP is visiting.

Her dedication, loyalty and passion have not passed unnoticed. Two months ago, the DP while attending a church function in Nakuru East Constituency announced that he would offer her job.

“I was simply overwhelmed. The DP is truly a man of his word,” she says.

Karigu Keru has this week started her duties in Harambee House, Nairobi. She however hastily adds that Nakuru has not seen the last of her.

“I’ve no intention of getting out of active politics. And I’ve no intention of deserting the thousands of supporters who stood by me and voted me,” says a bubbly Karigu.

Karigu will be working as a senior ICT officer at the Deputy President’s office and will be based at Harambee House. 

“Am going through my orientation this week and from Monday I formally take on my duties,” she says happily.

However, this is not the end for her. It’s definitely a culmination of a difficult two years of struggle, running up and down and sacrifice but more so, the real beginning of her political career.

“I am extremely grateful to the people of Nakuru for their prayers, support and goodwill. I could not have made it this far without them and I will forever remain indebted to them,” says Karigu Keru as she gets ready to tackle her new assignments.

William Ruto – a political threat to Kenya’s dynasties

Deputy President William Ruto is a threat when it comes to political field such that the royal families are now trying to gang up against his political ambition of becoming Kenya’s CEO in 2022.

It began with a political handshake, then came the political visit to Moi’s home in Kabarak, then came the political visit to Kibaki’s home in Muthaiga Nairobi……..

What will follow will shock many but the fact remains that we have this gentleman in the picture: retired Presidents Kibaki and Moi, President Uhuru Kenyatta, DP Ruto, Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Baringo Senator Gideon Moi.

Now Moi is retired President but then he is likely to be a happy man to see his son become CEO and therefore he will join any grouping that will make this possible.

When we talk of retired former President Mwai Kibaki, he is the fruit of the ‘Kibaki Tosha phenomena’ initiated by Raila Odinga and therefore he will be willing to support any camp that Raila is in maybe to please the sycophants of Odinga more so after Odinga made a visit to his home in Muthaiga Nairobi.

Now coming to President Uhuru Kenyatta he is in dilemma either to protect the dynasty leadership and support Baringo Senator Gideon Moi who is the son to retired President Daniel Arap Moi or support His deputy William Ruto owing to the great support he got from Ruto in ascending to power as TNA candidate and later as Jubilee candidate.

It should be noted that President Uhuru Kenyatta is serving his second and last term as per the constitution unless amendments to the same take place.

Ruto, on the other hand, believes that nothing will come on his side the easy way and even though many times he has tried to avoid the ongoing conversation on the 2022 succession politics he knows that he enormous work to do in ascending to the top seat.

Although he has at one particular time stated that “Sisi ni mafundi wa siasa and when that time comes we shall know” William Ruto will have to use all tricks within and without to win the battle.

If amendments are not done then it means he will have retired from politics but he will still have a say in the politics of 2022 depending on who he will support for the top seat.

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi who is seen to be in supremacy battle with DP Ruto concerning the politics of Rift valley is the son of the retired President Daniel Arap Moi and words have it that he might be on the ballot for the top seat come 2022.

This also brings back the issue of the political handshake and the political visits to Moi’s Kabarak and to Kibaki’s Muthaiga.

Could there be a move by the Kenyatta’s, the Moi’s, the Odinga’s and the Kibaki’s to have Gideon ascend to power through their mobilization and support?

This is a question that will be answered with time.

Stop demanding Birth certificates for IDs – DP Ruto

William Ruto with Nakuru leaders on his Nakuru voter mobilisation tour. Has asked chiefs not to demand for Birth certificates to issue IDs to known people

Deputy president William Ruto has today, Thursday ordered Chiefs in Molo to stop demanding for baptismal cards and birth certificates to issue IDs.

Ruto said it was not necessary to demand for those documents from youth whose parents are well known.

“The chiefs need to help us register as many voters as possible but this will not be possible if the youth don’t have IDs. I have directed the chiefs from Molo where we have the largest number of unregistered voters not to keep asking for birth certificates from children whose parents are well know,” said Ruto.

The DP added that it was not a requirement in the past for newborns to get birth certificates so most of those coming of age don’t have the documents.

“It is just recently that the Jubilee government made it possible for every mother to deliver in the hospitals after scrapping the maternity fees. In the past there were so many women who could not afford to deliver in the hospitals and thus the children don’t have birth certificates,” added DP William Ruto.

At the same time, Ruto said it was also not a must for those applying for IDs to have baptismal cards.

According to the Deputy President, there are over 400 thousand unregistered voters in Nakuru with Molo sub-county having the majority of those.

Ruto wants the issuance of the IDs to be speeded up to no more than three days.

“It should not take more than three days to issue an ID after an applicant has applied. The process has to be speeded up to give everyone a chance to register as a voter before the mass voter registration period is over,” said Ruto.

Ruto is on a day tour around Nakuru County to mobilize residents to apply for IDs and also asking them to support the Jubilee party.

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