Indian Coolies huts in Rongai, Nakuru

Indian Coolies Nakuru

Somewhere in Soin Ward, Rongai Constituency in Nakuru County. Four stone-built round huts stand conspicuously to travellers using the dusty route.  While the locals have grown used to the huts, visitors in the area are intrigued by the presence of those huts that look more like ancient kilns

Indian Coolies huts
Indian Coolies huts in Rongai, Nakuru

That the huts lie on Kenya Railways land could be a hint as to who built them. according to the locals, the two pairs of huts were put up in the early 1900s by Indian coolies who were building the Lunatic Express. What many may not know is that the Indian coolies also suffered from wildlife attacks in Rongai just not as high a scale as had happened in Tsavo.

Indian Coolies huts Rongai, Nakuru
Huts built by Indian Coolies in Soin Ward, Rongai in Nakuru County

To keep safe from the wildlife attacks at night, they had put up these two pairs of stone huts. The huts in each pair are attached to each other by a low build annexure which locals say was used as a kitchen.

Indian Coolies residence
Indian Coolies residence in Rongai, Nakuru.

The huts still stand strong and even their roofing was stone build. There were no windows but they had several small openings that helped in lighting and ventilating the interiors.


Nakuru MCA on a mission to ensure vocational training for marginalized youths

Youths in Soin Ward who did not make it to join Universities or colleges have a reason to smile after the area MCA Irene Chebichi Cheruiyot commenced an initiative to ensure education for all through Rongai Vocational training Centre.

MCA Chebichi says this is one way of ensuring the society is transformed through education to all the youths no matter their background.

According to the MCA, they have commenced the upgrading of the centre to meet the required standards and already 60 youths have been enrolled for various courses.

“We always have a number of youths who are just a t home because maybe their grade did not enable them join university or college and that is why we have commenced a program to enroll them at our Polytechnic here” she said.

Under the program, parents are only supposed to cater for uniform and lunch while the fee is catered for by the office of the MCA.

The MCA revealing that many youths have responded positively towards the program and are willing to join the Polytechnic and acquire knowledge through various courses.

She says they are also in talks with the County government of Nakuru to see to ensure more instructors and that the infrastructure in the facility is improved.

“The youths have responded positively and are willing to join the facility. We are also in talks with the county government to see on how we can improve the infrastructure to ensure quality education for our youths” said MCA Chebichi.

The Soin Ward MCA was speaking during an exclusive interview at Kipsyenan Primary school.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Soin Ward MCA Irene Chebichi during an interview on 23rd August 2018 at Kipsyenan Primary in Rongai sub county,Nakuru.

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