Ensure a cohesive nation towards 2022, Ngunjiri tells President Kenyatta

Bahat MP Kimani Ngunjiri has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to ensure cohesive nation towards 2022.PHOTO/Tuko.

Bahati Member of Parliament Onesmus  Kimani  Ngunjiri  has warned President  against leading the nation in a direction likely to see a repeat of what happened in 2007/2008.

Addressing media at his residential home, the vocal Nakuru Legislator was very categorical that the President should ensure a cohesive nation towards 2022 succession.

He stated that he was perturbed on how the Jubilee top leadership seems divided unlike how it was in 2013 and 2017 campaigns.

Ngunjiri who is allied to the Deputy President William Ruto wing of Jubilee Party says it is wrong for President to sideline his Deputy towards 2022.

He warned that the Hague based International Criminal Court- ICC  is watching Kenya towards 2022 national elections and leaders should be careful.

“We love our President so much but we are telling him to be careful not to leave the country bloody. If there will be any bloodshed in 2022 then the ICC is watching and you will be one of them going to Hague and never come back again” said Ngunjiri.

He was however quick to note that they will continue to support President Uhuru Kenyatta as long as he stands for truth.

The Legislator who is also the Chair Nakuru County MPs’ caucus was categorical that they will work to ensure a peaceful Rift valley region.

He said Kikuyu community in Rift valley will not be part of politics of sidelining other tribes for self-interests.

“All tribes in Nakuru and Rift valley we want to ensure cohesiveness towards 2022.We will not allow politics of division” said Ngunjiri.


Bahati MP slams Governor over airport project

Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri has faulted Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui for holding a public participation forum for the construction of airport at Lanet without consulting.

According to Ngunjiri,the forum was held in his constituency but the governor failed to inform him but rather informed his Nakuru East counterpart David Gikaria.

According to the legislator,the area in which the airport will be constructed is in his constituency hence he was to be informed of the public participation forum before it took place.

“The governor is doing things without informing us as leaders.He came recently in my area for public participation for the construction of airport without even informing me.That is wrong.He should learn to consult and involve every leader”said Ngunjiri.

The Bahati Legislator also faulting the county government over what he termed is lack of interest in the people of Nakuru.

While citing the many youths who are unemployed,Ngunjjri wondered why most of the county Chief executive members were from outside the county.

He once again questioned the manner in which the Public service Board was disbanded.

According to the MP,the disbandment of the PSB was ill advised and should be re-visted.

“We have many youths who are unemployed in this county yet most of the job opportunities are given to outsiders” he said.

He spoke in his constituency over the weekend during an exclusive interview.

PHOTO/Communication team office of Bahati MP/NG-CDF:Bahati MP Onesmus Kimani Ngunjiri addressing during Bahati NG-CDF tournament cup 2019 finals.

What Rift valley elders want President Kenyatta to do before 2022

Rift valley council of elders Patron Gilbert Kabage has slammed at a section of leaders from Central region for failing in their mandate of delivering to the people.

Addressing media in Nakuru, Kabage said it was wrong for leaders to fail in their mandate and then point an accusing finger to the head of state.

He called on county leaders from Governors to MCAs to ensure they make good use of the resources allocated at county level in developing their various counties.

“Instead of leaders uniting Kenyans and working towards development our leaders at county levels have failed and are now blaming the President. They claim they want more resources yet the little they have they cannot account for” said Kabage.

While noting the ongoing political mood, Kabage warned that the Big 4 agendas should not be forgotten by the leadership of the day.

On the ongoing tussle of 2022 succession politics, the Rift valley council of elders patron is of the opinion that the President who is also the leader of Jubilee party should call a national Jubilee party meeting to address the politics sounding the same.

He added that the regrouping being seen in the country in terms of regions is not good for the ruling party and it now that the head of state should address the same.

“We have the big 4 agendas but from the look of things it is like we have forgotten about them. It is high time the President and his deputy call for national Jubilee party meeting to sort out the tussle” said Kabage.

PHOTO/Nation:Rift Valley council of elders led by Patron Gilbert Kabage at a past media briefing in Nakuru.

Why Nakuru politician with a PhD went for MCA seat

Dr.Peter Mbae-the current MCA for Kabazi ward in Nakuru County is one of the most learned politicians in Nakuru County.

The vocal MCA has a PhD in Peace and reconciliation besides having masters in Mass communication which perhaps makes him articulate issues after a third eye view.

In an exclusive interview, Dr.Mbae who served in the Nakuru County Public service Board before switching to politics says he contested the MCA seat contrary to the views of many.

He says the society though he would go for a higher seat such as MP or even Senator but according to him passion to transform the society led him to vie as an MCA in the August polls of 2017.

He adds that the MCA seat is paramount when it comes to devolution and that no one can talk of devolution without the MCA seat hence he contested the seat with aim to help transform the society.

“I s a very important position if you really want to transform the society and I had the passion on the same. People were asking me during my graduation that with your PhD you went for MCA?No..no… no we are getting it wrong.. these are the people who brought us up and I have had a desire to transform the village” he said.

Upon his assumption into office as MCA, Dr.Mbae through collaboration with heads of departments and other local administrators in the area, he came up with Kabazi Ward Development Framework for the next 5 years.

The 5 years’ Ward Development Framework is one of its kind in Nakuru county and across the country as no ther MCA has ever come up with such.It incorporates the needs of the people of Kabazi after several public participation meetings.

According to the MCA, the framework focuses on 5 key agenda which include water,infrastructure,Health,Education and Empowerment.

To him, time is now to ensure professionalism in politics of this country and focus on developmental issues that can transform the society.

“It’s high time we include professionalism into our politics. Through consultation with other stakeholders and the people of Kabazi, we came up with the Kabazi Ward Development Framework that will help us address the needs of the people of Kabazi” he said.

The MCA is optimistic that by December 2020, the framework will be seen through various achieved projects with annual report every 8th August on the achievements made.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past Press briefing.

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