Shabab residents receive free medical services sponsored by Lions Club of Nakuru

Lions Club of Nakuru in partnership with other organizations on Saturday held a free medical camp at Shabab Social Hall in Nakuru Town West sub county.

The camp that attracted huge number of locals saw free screening for various ailments and medicine dispensed.

Speaking during the event, former President Lions Club of Nakuru  Mr.Shailesh Sheth noted that the harsh economic times makes it difficult for vulnerable families to access medication hence such free medical camps are paramount.

Mr.Shailesh  attributed the huge turn-out to the fact that majority of families cannot afford medication fee in public health facilities.

It is for this reason that he reiterated the commitment of Lions Club of Nakuru in addressing such challenges through frequent free medical camps in all the wards in Nakuru County.

He however urged the locals to have the tendency of going for frequent medical check-ups.

“The turn out here is huge and this communicates a lot in terms of locals have challenges in accessing healthcare services due to the harsh economic times. AS Lions Club of Nakuru, we shall continue to hold such in various wards” he said.

International Association of Lions Clubs District Governor Shehan Luhar who also graced the event lauded Lions Club of Nakuru and other like-minded organizations for the good gesture towards transforming society.

He noted that the society cannot be transformative if some individuals are left behind when t comes to accessing key services such as health.

The District Governor also commended the progress made on carrying out of cataract operations and corneal transplants adding that the project will go a long way in addressing the challenge of blindness among many.

“We are very grateful for what Lions Club of Nakuru is doing and we believe this is the way to go in ensuring a better society. Such initiatives should be supported” stated the District Governor.

Sentiments echoed by the current President Lions Club of Nakuru Lion Sarabjit Sagoo who vowed to ensure more free medical camps are held.

He also urged locals to embrace the cataract operations and corneal transplant project.

“Lions Club of Nakuru will do all we can to ensure a better society” said the President.

Locals led by Francis Waweru from Kaptembwa said such free medical camps are key in assisting the locals.

Waweru who has had a problem of cataracts was optimistic that his problem will be addressed fully.

He however challenged government to step in and ensure that the area dispensaries are fully equipped.

“I came here early when I heard about the free medical camp so that my long time issue of cataracts can be addressed. But we also urge the government to assist us the elderly people by ensuring we don’t go longer distances in such of medial services” he said.

According to Dr.Moses Kariuki from Lions Sight First Eye Hospital noted that issues of cataracts and eye problems is common.

He also revealed that through the free medical camp at Shabab, Nakuru West majority of the cases were allergy which he attributed to the lifestyle.

“Most cases here is allergy which can be due to the water or food that the locals use. But we have attended to them and given advise” he said.

The event was also attended by area MCA David Wathiai who vowed to work closely with stakeholders i ensuring health mattes in Shabab ward are addressed.

While urging locals to ensure they enroll with NHIF, Wathiai also warned individuals who have tendency of grabbing public land meant for health facilities that their days are numbered.

“I will personally work with Governor Kihika to ensure our facilities are fully equipped and those that had been grabbed are returned back for construction of health facilities” said Wathiai.















Lions Club of Nakuru’s Free Diabetic Clinic playing a key role in fighting diabetes

The Lions Club Nakuru has stepped in to support the Ministry of Health efforts in the fight against diabetes.

The Clinic.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Through the ‘Free Lions Diabetic Clinic’, established in October 2008, the charitable group has been helping locals in Nakuru and its environs.

The clinic situated within Nakuru’s Lions Primary School compound is open to patients every Thursday 7.00am to 8.00am with free services offered.

Through Lions Club of Nakuru and well-wishers, drugs are acquired from COSMOS Pharmaceuticals Ltd Nairobi at an affordable price.

Dr.Shanti Haria who is part of the medical team at the ‘Free Lions Diabetic Clinic’ in an interview on Thursday morning attributed many cases of diabetes to lifestyle.

He noted that with blood pressure, food, drinks, and lack of enough exercise for the body has contributed to the same.

“We started this so that we can help the community where the majority are suffering and at times cannot afford the medical expenses. Here we give every service for free” said Dr.Hari.

At the clinic, the majority of those attended are senior citizens with Dr.Hari stating that this is due to the fact that with old age comes laziness to exercise, some genetic factors too contribute.

He also revealed that with advance in age, the insulin production goes down and this can trigger diabetes.

“Old age comes with its challenges. The production of insulin goes down and that is the reason why many old people might develop diabetes” he said.

Apart from the normal clinics, Lions Club of Nakuru has also been organizing for free medical camps in the community to reach out to those who cannot make it to the clinic.

The team attending to patients.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Dr.Hari’s message to the community is for everyone to ensure they have regular check-ups for their blood sugar levels as well as blood pressure.

“We always do community medical camps to help people know that they have to go for regular check-ups” said Dr.Hari.

Apart from Dr.Hari, the other team members include Lions Sailesh Seth,Mishal Seyth,Arun Shah,Naeem Bhola,and Receptionist Cecilia Muriithi.

People with diabetes are at risk of losing sight due to diabetes eye disease.

But with initiatives such as ‘Free Lions Diabetic Clinic’ such can be avoided through early check-ups and diagnosis as well as medication.

Lions Sailesh Seth- a member of the Lions Club of Nakuru says plans are underway to have specialized doctors from Lions Sight first Hospital in Loresho to come to Nakuru and help address some of the challenges facing people.

Currently there are one million persons living with diabetes and the problem is growing very fast and so are the complications.

The World Health Organization estimates that over 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, a growing world epidemic that is expected to affect over 642 million by 2040.


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