Nakuru residents urged to fully participate in budget process

Nakuru county residents have been challenged to fully be part of the county budget process.

Speaking during a zoom meeting on the essence of public participation in matters budget,Francis Shinali from Nakuru Residents Association said citizens’ participation is key.

The online meeting with community members was organized by Nakuru based Reproductive health Youth Friendly Environment (RHYFE) in partnership with KELIN Kenya to sensitize citizens on importance of participating to ensure adequate allocation towards  development in various sectors amon them reproductive health services.

He said,the effectiveness of the whole budget process depends on the input of the citizens.

While noting that a section of MCAs have playing games with budget process,the good governance activist said this should be addressed by citizens being vigilant.

“Members of the public should be vigilant and take part in matters budget. They should also follow up on projects including those that are stalled or are indicated as ongoing yet nowhere to be seen on the ground” he said.

He decried the teenage pregnancies,drugs and substance abuse,mental issues and lack of access to quality comprehensive reproductive health services as key issues that should be addressed I’m budget process.

With adequate allocation,Shinali believes matters Reproductive health and issues around the same will be addressed.

“We need to start thinking on how to address teenage pregnancies,drug abuse,lack of access to quality comprehensive reproductive health services.This we can through airing our proposals during budget process so that we can have these in our facilities” he stated.

Sentiments echoed by Vincent Omollo from RHYFE.

Omollo reiterated that public participation in the budget process is key and should bring on board all stakeholders.

“We need all stakeholders so that we can consult and make our society a better place” he said.

On her part Linder Kroeger from KELIN Kenya who spoke during the online meeting calling on residents to give priority to matters health.

She notes that Sexual Reproductive health services can be achieved if the community embraces the same to ensure comprehensive services are accessed by all.

“This is not my meeting but just to remind each one of us that we have a role to advocate for Reproductive health rights” she said.

Sentients echoed by Martin Lunalo from RHYFE.

According to Lunalo, community should be proactive.

“It is time as community we play role on the budget issues to ensure enhanced service delivery and that national values are adhered to in decision making” stated Lunalo.

The zoom meeting came at a time when Nakuru residents are in the process of submitting their proposals on 2021/2022 Budget.

The notice from County Government of Nakuru.PHOTO/Courtesy.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic,the goverment banned physical gatherings.

It is for the reason that the County government of Nakuru issued a notice to residents requiring them to submit their memoranda to subcounty or ward,they can also do so through email or write to county secretary via postal address 2870-20100.

Wilkister Akinyi from Centre for Enhancing Democracy and Good Governance (CEDGG) on her part urged locals to ensure they take part in the whole budget cycle.

“The decisions made in the whole process affects the outcome as well as development at ward level.So it is upon us to be keen on the budget cycle” she said.

The Tuesday’s Zoom meeting courtesy of RHYFE in partnership with KELIN Kenya is a plus to residents as action plan was reached through various subcounties representatives to come up with memoranda.

The memoranda will then be subjected to review before submission to county before 8th April 2021.




Citizens want public participation on budget done online due to COVID-19 

Leaders of Nakuru Civilian Oversight Initiative Caucus have threatened to move to High Court if the County government will fail to incorporate citizens’ views in the 2020/2021 Budget process. 

Laban Musundi Nanzushi and John Ndung’u Muthoni while noting that public gatherings have been banned due to covid-19, called on the county government of Nakuru to ensure online platforms are utilized.

The duo say this will ensure public participation to collect views and feedback from the public in the entire budget process. 

Through a letter to the County Ministry of Finance and Planning copied to County Assembly of Nakuru and Director of Budget, the two citizens are calling on the county to ensure qualitative and quantitative public participation in the entire process. 

They argue that public participation is a right imposed by the constitution of Kenya 2010 which was not suspended by COVID-19. 

The citizens have now put the county on notice that failure to comply will see them move to court to seek nullification of the entire process. 

“We know there is COVID-19 and public gatherings were banned but that does not mean that the constitution 2010 that allows public participation was suspended. The county should ensure public participation through online platforms failure to which we shall move to High court to have the entire budget process declared null and void” said Musundi in a phone interview. 

The letter was received by the relevant authorities on Monday, May 18, 2020. 

This even Benson Macharia from Friends of Devolution lobby group says the citizens have a right to participate in budgeting process no matter the circumstances such as the current COVID-19 pandemic. 

He, however, agrees that in order to comply with the government directive on covid-19, the county government should embrace online platforms such as WhatsApp groups and Facebook. 

According to Macharia, this will ensure public views are collected through memorandum and submitted to the Budget department. 

He also appealed to the County Government of Nakuru through the Budget department to incorporate mainstream media and community radio stations on matters public participation especially during this moment of COVID-19.

Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui.PHOTO/NGPU.

And for those who cannot make it to the online platforms, Macharia says the county should work closely with the administrators to ensure the citizens can as well submit their views through a memorandum to the ward administrators. 

“The county has the capacity to ensure public participation even during this period of COVID-19 through online platforms such as the ward WhatsApp groups. They can also embrace the media such as newspapers and radio stations to ensure citizens’ views are collected through memorandums” said Macharia. 







Nakuru MCAs adopt Sh 21.3 billion budget with health getting giant share

The County assembly on Tuesday afternoon adopted a 21.3 Billion shillings budget for 2019/2020 financial year.

Addressing media after the session, Budget and appropriation Committee chairman who is also Naivasha’s Biashara Ward MCA Joel Karuri said the budget for 2019/2020 has the interests of citizens.

This is due to the several public participation forums that were held in various sub counties in Nakuru County.In the budget, the health docket has had the giant share with 6.6 billion shillings which translates to 31% of the total budget.

Infrastructure sector has been allocated 2.5 billion shillings which translates to 11.9% while agriculture has been allocated 1.1 billion shillings which translates to 5.5%.

The Budget will also see more ECDE teachers employed as well as enable promotion of nurses in Nakuru County.Development will consume 10.5 billion shillings while wages will consume 10.7 billion shillings under the budget.

“In this budget we have focused on projects that will help improve the lives of the citizens” said the Budget and appropriation Committee chairman.

Sentiments echoed by Majority leader and MCA for Elementaita Moses Kamau Ndung’u who assured Nakuru residents that the budget will see transformation in society.

He added that in coming up with the budget, the county assembly of Nakuru considered the Big 4 agenda of the national government.

“As a county assembly we have considered the Big 4 agenda of the Jubilee Government in coming up with this budget that has been adopted” he said.

The Majority leader also lauding the Nakuru County MCAs for doing away with foreign trips in order to focus on development.

He also called on the Members of Parliament to join Governors and Senators in the fight for more funds to the counties so that development can be realized.

“As assembly we did away with the foreign trips so that money can be channeled down to grassroot for development. We are also calling on the MPs to support the Senators and Governors on pushing for more funds at grassroot” said MCA Ndung’u.

PHOTO/Nakuru County assembly website:Nakuru County assembly building.

County boosts Wards development by additional 20 million shillings

The county government of Nakuru has boosted wards development through additional 20 million shillings to each of the 55 wards.

This was revealed on Thursday as residents of various wards in Nakuru County held public participation courtesy of the County Government where residents had opportunity to air their last voice on the various projects before approval.

In Biashara ward, Nakuru East sub county residents gathered at the Old Town Hall in Nakuru town where they discussed various issues on projects before approving the same.

Addressing media after the forum, the residents led by Simon Ole Nasieku-the chair Nakuru Hawkers association said they were optimistic that the approved projects will be implemented by the area MCA Peter Njoroge.

He added that they are impressed as hawkers since the issues they had raised since they were evicted from Nakuru’s CBD have been addressed through the projects and budgetary allocation.

The county will also facilitate the development of Nakuru’s main Market to enable a good environment for business.

The Biashara Ward residents however raised concerns on the uncompleted projects in the previous financial years.

They called on the county government to ensure that funds are borrowed to complete the same so that they cannot affect the current projects budgeted for.

“We have a lot of challenges that we have faced before and we raised the same and has been addressed.However we are worried about the uncompleted previous projects and we call on government to look on how they can be completed so that they don’t affect the ones for the current financial year” said Nasieku.

Similar sentiments echoed by Esther Mungai who said there was need for residents to take Public participation forums serious.

She said if public can attend such forums then there will be no blame game on elected leaders whenever projects are not implemented.

“Some of the residents still don’t understand the impact of public participation. I therefore appeal to all residents that let us ensure we come for such forums as they carry a lot as far as projects are concerned” she said.

Elsewhere in Kivumbini Ward, issues surrounding projects on drainage, roads, and housing took centre stage during the Public participation Forum held at the Kivumbini Social Hall.

The locals however commended the county government of Nakuru for boosting the budgetary allocation.

In Kivumbini the county Headquarters budget will boost Roads allocation by additional 15 million, 10 million for re roofing of the county houses and 6 million for the maintenance of the Alms house that accommodates the elderly.

Nakuru East Sub county administrator Michael Wathika stated that this was in line with the county government which is committed to boosting development at grassroots.

Addressing media, the sub county admin revealed that all the wards in Nakuru County will receive an additional 20 million shillings from the county headquarters budget.

“All wards will receive 20 million shillings additional from the county treasury towards development” he said.

He added that the county government has received 9 billion shillings from the National government while close to 6 billion shillings is from within Nakuru county levies.

Similar sentiments echoed by Nakuru County Bursary Committee Chairperson Charles Maisiba who said the Big 4 agenda must also be realized on the ground.

“The allocation is meant to boost development at ward level in order to realize the Big 4 agenda” said Maisiba.

Francis Shinali from Nakuru Town East Neighborhood Association commended the county government for boosting the Ward allocation by additional 20 million shillings.

PHOTO/Kenya News:Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui.

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