Youths warn politicians against using BBI rallies to cause ethnic division

Politicians have been warned against using Building Bridges Initiative rallies to polarize the country.

Speaking in Njoro Sub County on Saturday, Nakuru Youth and Governance Forum Chair Daniel Kimani said the ongoing BBI rallies should be used to sensitize members of the public.

He said as it stands now a section of politicians have hijacked the whole process and are now using the rallies to make utterances that might polarize the country.

According to the youth leader, if politicians will not stop utterances that might lead to polarization in the country, then the live TV coverage of BBI rallies should be banned.

While terming the BBI as a document that had good intentions for the nation through uniting Kenyans, he noted that politicians should stop using it to gain their own interests.

“The BBI rallies should not be platform for politicians to make utterances that will polarize the nation. Let the politicians respect the electorates” said Kimani.

On the national politics of the nation, Kimani has challenged youths to ensure they come and participate in crucial decision making.

While noting that the recent census report indicated that majority of Kenyans are youth,Kimani called on youths across the country to come out and rally behind leaders who have the youths’ interests at heart.

This, he says is the only way to ensure an end to what he terms as mediocrity by a section of leaders.

“To the youths across the nation, this is your country and you have to come out towards 2022 and make your voices heard” he said.

His sentiments coming a day that the fifth public consultative meeting on the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) was held in Narok County.

Meanwhile, the BBI steering committee sitting in Nairobi has over the week collected views from key leaders and organizations, before a final report is drafted, paving way for constitutional amendments through a referendum.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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