Youth leader lauds government for re-opening salons and barbershops

Health CAS Mercy Mwangangi addressing media.PHOTO/courtesy.

Nakuru County Youth and Governance Chairman Daniel Kimani has lauded the national government for directing that salons and barber shop be opened after they were shut due to COVID-19.

In press statement, Kimani said the move is in order adding that most youths who work in the barbers and salons had been rendered jobless due to the earlier shut down directive.

He said this was affecting a lot of livelihoods especially for the youths who depended on the same for their daily bread.

“I commend the national government for listening to the grievances of the youths in this country” said Kimani.

He also called on the Government of Nakuru to ensure that the barber and salon industry is looked into in that they contribute to the economy of the contry through the licenses levy.

And on matters humanitarian food distribution, the youth leader is also calling on the county government of Nakuru to ensure all hawkers, salonists, Barber and PWDs benefit first

Kimani says this group of hawkers, salonist, barber should not be taken seriously by the county government of Nakuru for majority of them are  youth, women and PWDs.

The government has directed hairdressers countrywide to wear masks while attending their clients in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus which has so far infected 179 people.

They are also required to limit the number of clients visiting at a time in ensuring compliance to social distancing regulations.

Health Chief Administrative Secretary, Dr Mercy Mwangangi who spoke during a daily media briefing on coronavirus Wednesday said the health ministry will issue further instructions as the government steps up efforts to contain the virus which has infected more than 1.5 million people globally and led to nearly 89,000 deaths.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has termed the virus as the worst crisis since the end of World War 2.

“All salon and hair salon operators must wear masks while attending the clients, further to this, we shall issue guidelines restricting the number of salons at a time.We  must ensure the salons have hand sanitisers and that clients maintain social distancing and they practice basic hygiene in their operations,” she said

Dr Mwanagi urged the business personnel to comply to government directives to prevent further spread of the virus that has killed 6 people with 9 others having recovered.


Meanwhile, the government and WHO was validating newly developed home-based care guidelines for COVID- 19 which will enable patients diagnosed with mild coronavirus symptoms are managed at their homes.

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