Youth leader calls on MCAs to expedite on Nakuru County Youth Board draft Bill

Pushing for Nakuru County Youth Board
Daniel Kimani has been pushing for the Nakuru County Youth Board to be established. Photo by Pristone Mambili

Nakuru County Youth and Governance chairman Daniel Kimani has called on the County assembly of Nakuru to expedite on the Nakuru County Youth Board draft Bill that is before the County Assembly.

In an interview, Kimani said the Bill will go a long way in addressing challenges the youths in Nakuru County have been facing on matters employment.

He says if the Bill sails through then it will see the establishment of a Board to handle matters youths and employment in Nakuru County.

According to Kimani, youths in Nakuru County are always subjected to humiliations and a lot of bureaucracies when it comes to matters employment but this will be a thing of the past once the Bill sails through.

“We are appealing to the MCAs and the executive to help expedite the Bill so that we can have youth Board in place to handle youth’s issues in this county. We know our MCAs and Governor will support because they have youths at heart” said Kimani.

Kimani adds that the Bill was prompted after a conflict emerged between the youths and former Nakuru County CEC for Youths, Gender and Sports Halima Gababa over the manner in which the docket was being handled.

“We came up with the Bill following what we had experienced with former CEC Halima Gababa,” said Kimani.

A spot check at the draft Bill, it has highlighted various functions of the Youth Board once established which include among others regulating and coordinating all the activities relating to youths.

The Board shall also mobilize resources to support and fund youth programs and initiatives in the county as well as lobby for the legislation on issues affecting youths.

The Board’s Composition will see a chairperson nominated by the Board and approved by the Governor and representatives from all the sub-counties.

There shall also be a legal officer and one member from the county assembly representing youths.

The members will be remunerated as per the existing acts that regulate the operations of other Boards within the county.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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