World Bank-funded project now posing danger to locals

A section of the project.

Residents of Manyani estate in Kivumbini ward of Nakuru East Sub county have raised concerns over dangers posed by stalled construction o the storm water drainage project.

The locals are now petitioning the county government of Nakuru over the same.

In the public petition seen by this writer,the locals say the World Bank-funded project has turned out to be a  disaster in waiting rather than a solution to the perenial flooding which caused havoc in the area.

They add that the storm water from the drainage has formed a stagnant pool with a depth of six feet and is overflowing during heavy rains flooding the nearby plots.

The locals also stating that the stagnant pool has been a point of accidents with four motorcyclists having been saved from drowning after sliding into the pool.

The recent incident happened on Wednesday that has left one yougman fighting for his health at a health facility.

The youngman fell in the drainage sustaining injuries from the steel rods that the contractor has left hanging at the site.

In addition,the petition says the residential perimeter walls within the area also risk collapsing due to the soaked underground soil caused by prolonged stagnant water.

The petitioners also argue that the pool of water further endangers the lives of children who perceive it to be swimming pool opting to swim in it.

“We therefore demand that the county government of Nakuru and respective authorities commence reasonable engagements and discussion with a view to end the menace to avert the impending disaster associated with the stalled project” read the petition.

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