Why Susan Kihika

People of Nakuru. I am here to share with you why Susan Kihika should be elected as senator in 2017.
Morbid obsession and psychopathy will kill us the people of Nakuru. Malicious propaganda is not a substitute for truth, facts or even logic when it comes to discussing matters on who will be our senator.
Susan Kihika is indefatigable and she never quits. After losing the Bahati seat, she seems to have reinvigorated her. She beat 12 men to become the Nakuru County Assembly speaker, something rare in a patriarchal society. She went ahead and got appointed as vice chair of county assembly forum (CAF), a team that initiated and won a fight for revision of terms for MCAs with salaries and remuneration commission.
As speaker, she oversaw the vetting of nominees to the county executive committee. Not content with the appointees, she led the county assembly in rejecting six nominees to the executive committee submitted by governor Kinuthia Mbugua on the grounds that their nomination was flawed. The governor was forced to eat a humble pie and submit a fresh list.
Susan in my understanding has gone past the stereotypical treatment of women in leadership. Her unexpected appointment to the presidential re-election campaign team has exposed her to attacks from some selfish politicians and aspirants. Some think that she is too young to lead the campaign. Who said we need old guards in this digital era to lead the campaigns? She has swept them to oblivion.
The problem with Nakuru is not it’s patriotic people. Nakuru’s most intractable affiliation but viciously malicious and highly deceptive is a group of charlatans who use social media to parrot their unrefined and tainted commentaries. They mislead the people and keep them captive to the merchants of impunity in Nakuru county.
Some are notorious political quacks that deserve some deconstruction politically by kicking them out of Nakuru politics and rendering them irrelevant.
I want to urge all residents of Nakuru to believe in Susan Kihika. She is the right person for the seat, otherwise malicious propaganda about her and her personal life will not benefit us in Nakuru but rather cause us to make wrong decisions.
Mokaya Onsase,                                                                                                                                                                          Student, Egerton University

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