Why Nakuru woman poisoned her children before commiting suicide

Residents of Sumek village in Rongai, Nakuru County are still in shock following Thursday’s incident in which a 28 year old woman committed suicide by throwing herself into a dam moments after she poisoned her four children.

Venny Koech’s body was found floating in the nearby Rigogo dam.

Her 3 children aged 7years, 11years, and three months survived after they were treated at a nearby dispensary and Molo hospital. Her 2 year old daughter succumbed before she could be rushed to hospital.

According to Edwin Langat – a local, he found the children unconscious and immediately alerted neighbours.

“I found the children unconscious and immediately alerted neighbours. Venny is known as a troublesome woman in the village and she has been having frequent quarrels with his husband” he said.

Her mother in law Rebecca Nyige said that Venny mixed juice with a rodenticide and then gave the four children together with a loaf of bread.

Nyige said that Venny also attempted to strangle three of the children after realizing that one child had succumbed but luckily her husband appeared from a different room prompting her to flee at 2.00am.

“My daughter in law has been having an affair with local herdsmen an act that has been annoying his husband” she said.

She said that last night the two were sleeping in separate houses owing to the differences.

The three children have since been discharged from hospital while bodies of the mother and the two year old child were taken to Nakuru county government mortuary.


PHOTO/Daily post:Suicide scene.