Why County Governments should invest more in CHVs

County Governments as well as the National Government should invest more in Community Health Volunteers for a healthy nation.

The call was made during a meeting of stakeholders that brought together Community Health Volunteers, local administrators and community health champions, a meeting that was convened by Nakuru-based Haven of Dreams Organization in partnership with Midrift Human Rights Network Nakuru.

Speaking after the meeting, Kevin Karuga from Family Health Options Kenya stated that it is time for a policy framework in place that will see matters CHVs addressed and their welfare taken care of.

While noting the huge work done by CHVs, Karuga urged the Counties and national government to invest more in the lot for a better healthcare system.

“I know the Counties are busy with the Level 3 and 4 but the real investment should be right from level 1 and 2 where the CHVs play a key role. We need to start thinking of how we can invest in the CHVs who are doing great work at community level” he said.

Similar sentiments echoed by Chief Executive Officer Haven of Dreams Zipporah Nyangara Mumbi.

According to her, CHVs play a key role in the health sector especially at community level for they interact with locals often.

She at the same time called for more sensitization of the lot on matters Sexual Reproductive Health.

Nyangara noted that SRHS is key and most community members are facing challenges in accessing knowledge on the same hence leading to more menace of teenage pregnancies, and other diseases.

She was quick to add that Haven of Dreams will continue to partner with other organizations in sensitization of communities on matters sexual reproductive health.

“This is the second phase of the sensitization and we hope to move to other sub-counties and wards so that we can have a society that is free from stigma once everyone has knowledge on SRHS” she said.

On his part Francis Shinali-one of the CHVs from Nakuru East Sub County noted that there is a gap as far as the policy framework on SRHS is concerned.

He challenged members of the County Assembly of Nakuru to expedite the passage of such to enable smooth sexual and reproductive health services.

Shinali also called on the need to ensure CHVs’ welfare is taken care of.

“ We just need a better policy framework in place on matters reproductive health services” he said.

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