Why CCM party wants Senators barred from contesting gubernatorial seats

Senators with dreams to become governors will not be allowed to contest if the proposal to the BBI Taskforce team by Chama Cha Mashinani will sail through.

The proposal that seeks to ensure Senate is the upper House in the country is limiting Senators from contesting gubernatorial seats.

CCM party Leader Issac Ruto who also once served as Bomet Governor says this will help in addressing the conflict that has been there between the sitting governors and Senators in counties.

The former Council of Governors Chairman also faulted current senators who he said are busy sabotaging Governors with agenda that they will become the next Governors.

“Senators should not be allowed to contest gubernatorial seats. The senators should be sober people who play their roles without witch-hunting” said Ruto.

The party has also proposed to the BBI team that in the event of vacancy in Governors office there should be a by election within 90 days in that particular county.

They say this will help address the conflict that has been there between governors and their deputies the recent case being in Kiambu County.

The CCM party is also of the view that the Presidential function should remain that of the head of state.

However, he should not be partisan once he assumes office with non political dockets
remaining under his docket.

On the post of Prime Minister, the Party proposes that he should be appointed by the head of state but from larger coalition or single party and have two deputies from different parties from that which he belongs.

Furthermore, the CCM party proposes that Deputy President and deputy Governors be appointed after elections and ensure gender rule.

Meanwhile, nominations for the positions left by failure to attain two thirds gender rule CCM proposes that should be filled by the people who contested party nominations.

On the formation of IEBC, the party has proposed that officials should be appointed by members of the political parties after consultations.

The party further proposes to the BBI team that election results be announced at county level rather than waiting for Nairobi national tallying results.

According to CCM party Leader, this will encourage transparency in elections adding that
the party supports BBI and the handshake should be a culture for all contestants after elections.
“We fully support BBI and the Handshake and we feel this should be a culture where IEBC will ensure after elections all contestants shake hands from MCA to Presidential” said Ruto.

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