Wananchi Group launches Zuku Fiber services in Nakuru

Wananchi Group on Wednesday launched Zuku Fiber in Nakuru in its move to expand services to its customers across the country.

Speaking during the launch, Wananchi Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thomas Hintze said they will also be expanding to other regions among them Eldoret, Naivasha, and Kisumu in phase two roll out plan.

He noted that though Kenya has a high mobile internet penetration, there is high demand for home broadband internet services because of Kenya’s growing data demand with domestic data consumption currently about 200 to 500 times than what is used on mobiles.

“The launch of Zuku Fiber in Nakuru is a continutation of the expansion plans of Zuku Fiber across Kenya and the region” he said.

In extending its services to Nakuru Zuku Fiber has met the requests of many customers for Zuku Fibers Triple Play services which delivers a combination of Home internet, Television and Telephone services to homes within residential areas at affordable prices.

According to Hintze,Zuku Fiber has continued to expand its network coverage in Kenya and has the largrest coverage with more than 330,000 homes in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Last year Zuku Fibre further expanded its footprint to include the regional cities of Dar-es-salaam and Kampala.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Wananchi Group Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Thomas Hintze addressing media during the launch Zuku Fiber services in Nakuru.

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