‘Vijana Tuomoke na BBI’ movement launched in Nakuru

Vijana Tuomoke na BBI Movement has been launched in Nakuru with aim to sensitize youths across the country on the recently launched BBI report.

The Movement whose membership is drawn from youths across the 11 sub counties of Nakuru says many youths have no knowledge on importance of the document.

They have vowed to ensure all youths in the country are reached with the document so that they can understand what pertains them.

Addressing Media in Nakuru on Tuesday Morning during the launch of the Movement, the youths led by their National Chairman Moses Esekon said the document has good proposal towards the youths.

He challenged youths not to rely on politicians for the details of the report but ensure they read for themselves the document and help fellow youths to understand.

“We are launching this movement with an aim to reach out to our fellow youths so that they  can understand what the report entails for them” said Esekon.

Nakuru County Muslim Leader Said Musa stating that the unity of youths is key towards 2022 succession politics.

He noted that for many years youths have been left behind when it comes to maters national development.

However, with the BBI report launched, Musa believes the youths now have opportunity to come out of their slumber and take up their space in matters national importance.

He told off politicians who are busy politicizing BBI report.

“As youth we have decided to walk door to door and sensitize our fellow youths on matters BBI. This is the way to go and we should not politicize the whole process” said Musa.

Ms Esther Wanjiku representing the female youths in the Vijana Tuomoke na BBI on his part lauding the proposal to have female representation in leadership positions.

She says the BBI report will help address the challenges that have been there for many years during and after every national election.

According to Ms Wanjiku, women have gone through a lot of injustices during election period and even after elections hence the need to address the same through the BBI.

“Women are the most affected whenever we have had crisis in election period. But with the BBI we are sure the challenges will be addressed. We call upon all women to read the document and support without any intimidation from political class” she said.

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