Victor Ngatia – elect leaders on manifesto not on tribal lines

Nakuru Town West Parliamentary aspirant on Jubilee Ticket Eng. Victor Ngatia has called on Nakuru residents to shun divisive and tribal politics but rather elect leaders who are ready to unite Nakuru County and ensure robust development.

In an exclusive interview on Saturday, Ngatia who was born and raised up in Nakuru West says poor leadership is also contributed by citizens who don’t engage their leaders on the basis of development agenda and manifesto.

“I would like to appeal to the voters in Nakuru Town West, Nakuru and the Nation at large to stop this habit of electing leaders on tribal lines. Tribalism won’t help us but we need leaders who will engage the citizens on developmental manifesto,” he said.

Ngatia also took the opportunity to urge residents to avail themselves during Jubilee Party nominations as a way of ensuing the desired leaders are nominated to bring change.

He faulted a section of residents who do not avail themselves and end up regretting for five years due to poor leadership in place.

“Many Kenyans fail to come out during nominations and end up regretting for five years. Votes are not rigged due to Kenyans coming out in large numbers but due to Kenyans not availing themselves during nominations” he said.

The Nakuru Town West aspirant also called on the Nakuru residents to ensure they elect leaders who will ensure that the county recaptures its lost glory.

He cited the issue of congestion and traffic snarl ups which should be addressed with the new leadership in place.

Eng. Victor Ngatia also drummed up support for Jubilee Government calling on those faulting the Government to do so in a civilized manner.

“Some years ago you would leave home at around 7 and by 7.10 am you are already in town but right now that can’t happen due to poor planning. We are saying this is the time to ensure good leadership with ideas-minded” said Ngatia.

His sentiments come even as the effort by Government to end the Doctors’ strike fails to bear fruits.

During the Devolution Conference in Nakuru, the Council of Governors through a statement read by CoG chair Peter Munya issued a notice to striking Doctors that they risk being sacked.

President Uhuru Kenyatta also stated that the Doctors’ demands were unbearable and that if they don’t report back to work the Government will take action.