Use your sovereign power to finalize BBI report, Kenyans told

A Nakuru based Human Rights defender has challenged Kenyans to own up the Building Bridges Initiative Report draft and put in their input rather than leaving it to the Politicians.

Joseph Omondi from Midrift Human Rights Network says the move by Politicians to spearhead the whole process around BBI draft report is dangerous to the country that sovereign power belongs to the Citizen as per the Constitution.

He says time is now for Kenyans wake up from their slumber and own up the process around BBI Report.

The veteran Human Rights defender also taking an issue with how the process is being undertaken.

According to Omondi, the ongoing rallies should only come after Kenyans have read the draft BBI report and given their inputs rather than politicians intoxicating Kenyans with what they (politicians) want in the report.

“This is a very good document and what we need to do as Kenyans is to have our say rather than leaving it to the political class. The way those rallies are being done is not the way to go. Let Kenyans have their say” stated Omondi.

While lauding the BBI taskforce for coming up with the draft report, the Midrift Human Rights Network CEO says Kenyans have a great opportunity to make changes to the documents.

He argues that the Constitution which is Supreme law gives Kenyans the opportunity to use their sovereign power to make changes to the documents.

After the views of Kenyans are incorporated in the document then the final copy can now be given to politicians to pass it as law.

But at the moment, he says the politicians should keep off the whole process to avert conflict of interests.

“When it comes to the Supreme law of this country and when we have a good document like this one that is the moment for Kenyans to take back their sovereign power. You only donate the power when you feel this is now the time for politicians to pass the document into law” said Omondi.

Already two rallies to sensitize the public on the BBI report have been held in Kisii and Kakamega counties of the 47 counties.

The BBI report continues to divide opinion as political leaders clash over how to implement some of its contentious proposals, especially with regard to altering the structure of the Executive.

Mr Haji’s team makes several proposals, including bringing back the position of Prime Minister, which should be considerably weaker and answerable to the presidency.

The holder of the position will take over the duties of the Leader of Majority in the National Assembly as the leader of government business.

The report also proposes creation of the position of Leader of the Official Opposition, who is the runner-up in the presidential election.

On corruption, the task force indicates that public officers should not do business with government, and that wealth declaration forms should be made public “and should have a written narrative of how wealth above Sh50 million was acquired”.

The task force also proposes that a new team of commissioners be appointed at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) before the 2022 elections.

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