UGM party faults Jubilee administration over negligence on matters environment

The United Green Movement Party has strongly condemned the manner in which the successive governments of Kenya have treated environmental conservation and protection issues.

Addressing media over the weekend during the party Executive Committee meeting in Narok county, the party officials called on the government to put more focus on environmental conservation as failure to do so will affect generations to come.

While the recent incident where State House floated a tender for a two-year supply of charcoal, the UGM officials led by Sialo Tasur from Narok County, and Co-Leader UGM Youth League stated that that is an indicator that the Jubilee administration is failing the nation.

“That coming from statehouse is a classic illustration of duplicity and dysfunction by the Jubilee government in the important area of environmental conservation and protection. It is comical and tragic that having banned the charcoal trade in February, 2018, the same Jubilee government may buy and use charcoal sourced from the forests destroyed in the Mau Water Tower amongst others” said Tasur.

Tasur adding that despite Kenya hosting the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Program and other international environmental NGO’s, the country has no coherent, nationally coordinated, effectively running grassroots program of re-aforestation that aims to ensure that Kenya achieves constitutionally prescribed minimum of 10% tree cover.

UGM Party which operates on YES party platform of Youth unemployment, Environmental conservation and protection, and Social Justice and Equity now wants the Jubilee government to immediately withdraw the offensive tender on charcoal that was put up a few days ago.

According to Kipng’eno Rono, from Kericho County and Co-Leader UGM Youth League, the offensive tender on charcoal is contrary to basic environmental protection norms.

The UGM party officials say if the government shall not act on the same in the next 14 days then they will take legal action“If the government shall not act on the same in the next 14 days then we will take legal action” said Rono.

The UGM officials from the youth league also urging the Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Forestry to make a regulation to create a youth led, youth oriented re-afforestation FUND to be used to create youth employment in a structured and organized manner.

The FUND, they argue will help mitigate Youth Unemployment by employing youth to plant trees, as well as ensure that Kenya attains the constitutional requirement of 10% tree cover.

“We urge the government to prioritize re-afforestation of all water towers, starting with the Mau Water Tower” they said.

The UGM National Executive Committee meeting also resolved to ensure that  the  Co-Leaders of UGM youth league activate all of the UGM youth leagues across the country to immediately start re-afforestation activities including sustainable agro forestry where applicable.

“We intend to do whatever it takes to make Kenya green in line with our party’s ‘Go green campaign” they said.

Similar sentiments echoed by UGM Party leader Nakuru Chapter Mr.Erick Ogada who stated that matters environment should be given much attention.

PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:The United Green Movement Party officials addressing media in Narok county.