UGM party calls for transparency in enlisting of vulnerable to benefit from COVID-19 fund

The United Green Movement (UGM) party is calling for transparency in the process of identifying and enlisting vulnerable members of the society targeted to benefit from the government’s COVID-19 humanitarian assistance.

UGM’s national Director of grassroots democracy Erick Ogada said that the process of enlisting the beneficiaries should be above board

He noted that every stakeholder in the targeted areas should be involved in the process to ensure that the right people benefit from the program being spearheaded by both the national and county governments.

Speaking in Nakuru,Ogada said that after the enlisting process, the list of those selected should be posted at Chief’s offices to enable scrutiny.

“We do not want to have a situation whereby those entrusted with the responsibility of enlisting people will fill the list with names of their relatives and cronies,” said Ogada.

He added, “We must ensure that the really vulnerable members of the society get to benefit from his fund”.

Ogada called on the government to make use of organized community groups like Sacco’s, women groups and church groups in identifying the truly needy people who should get relief from the government.

At the same time, he challenged the government to stop focusing only on informal settlements saying that there are so many people who live outside informal settlements but are in need after losing jobs or businesses.

“If you go to these other estates that are not informal, there are hundreds if no thousands of people who have been rendered jobless and are in need of help and it will only be fair if the government considers them as well,” he said.

Ogada also asked the government to hasten the process and ensure that it moves swiftly.


Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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