UGM official faults MP over relief food distribution creteria

UGM grassroot democracy Director Eric Ogada.

UGM party’s Director Grassroot Democracy Eric Ogada has called for immediate publication of beneficiaries of the humanitarian food support program in Nakuru Town West sub county during the COVID-19 pandemic.

While lauding the measures being put in place by both levels of government, Ogada said the registration of the beneficiaries should be done in transparent way.

He says, “as UGM party we have received several complains from Nakuru Town West residents over lack of transparency in the issue.Those who are supposed to benefit are left out while those on the lists some are well off while others are close associates of those in leadership.”

While citing Rhonda and Kaptembwa low incomeĀ  as the most needy areas, Ogada says it would be wrong for those in leadership to leave out any household in the areas.

He says to ensure this,then leadership of Nakuru Town West should publish beneficiaries’ names at the Chiefs’ offices.

Ogada has also challenged the area MP Samuel Arama to ensure distribution of humanitarian food is done from house to house.

He says the move by the MP to have residents visit his residential homeĀ  inorder to get the relieve food is uncalled for as is a discrimination to those who come from far areas such as Ingobor and Barut.

“We want to ensure equality.There is no way the MP can put relief food at his home in London and expects residents from far wards to incur costs of up to 400 shilings and only end up with 2 packets of maize flour” said Ogada.

Sentiments echoed by Leonard Olende- a resident of London ward in Nakuru Town West.

According to Olende,leaders should not take advantage of the food meant for needy due to COVID-19 pandemic making it campaign tool.

“We have a problem and this is not time for sitting MPs to use the same for campaigns.This is time to assist the citizens” he said.

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