Tussle over IEBC dangerous, says Dr Peter Mbae

Kabazi MCA Dr Peter Mbae says the ongoing tussle over IEBC is dangerous especially with just few days remaining towards polls.

He wondered why there is too much attack on the electoral body.

Mbae says the first step to credible elections is for Kenyans to have confidence in the body tasked with the responsibility of handling polls.

“We don’t know why there are too many arrows directed at IEBC but loss of confidence in the electoral body is highly dangerous because these are things that can lay ground for rejecting election results, especially if the issues raised are justified” said Dr.Mbae.

According to the vocal Nakuru MCA, lack of confidence in electoral body is what led to the events that happened 15 years ago after the 2007 elections with devastating repercussions.

He added that confidence levels in IEBC as the referee should by now be over 70pc.

The Lawmaker called on IEBC to be keen to respond to and deflate conclusively all the allegations raised as soon as possible, so that Kenyans can have faith in professional electoral management and sieve what they see and hear from politicians.

“For the remaining time, IEBC should hold weekly formal briefs and continous engagement with all presidential candidates as a matter of priority” stated Mbae.

The Kabazi MCA noted that Kenya is too fragile and vulnerable to be exposed to uncertain post election realities. We tried this before and almost lost the country.



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