Truck drivers delivering goods to Nakuru to be tested on arrival

In a bid to curb a possible spread of corona virus by long distance truck drivers ferrying food items from Tanzania to Nakuru, Governor Lee Kinyanjui has said that all drivers delivering goods within the county will undergo a COVID-19 testing.

Kinyanjui said that health officials will be stationed at all delivery points to facilitate the testing of drivers delivering food items to Nakuru  markets from Tanzania.

This follows the increased cases of infections being reported among long distance truck drivers especially those entering Kenya via the Tanzania border points.

At the same time Kinyajui said that the county has increased its surveillance at stop over points frequented by long distance truck drivers along the busy highway.

The targeted stop over points include Maimahiu, Salgaa,Barnabas among others.

Currently Nakuru County has two confirmed COVID-19 positive cases

At the same time Kinyanjui warned against the stigmatization of long distance truck drivers saying that not all are COVID-19 positive.

He observed that discriminating them would not in anyway help in the war against the pandemic.

The country is grappling with an increase in the number of truck drivers testing positive for COVID-19 something which has caused a diplomatic and border spat between Kenya and Tanzania.

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