Traders,matatu operators want water,toilets at new points

Matatu operators and traders who were moved out of Nakuru town ,now want the county government of Nakuru to provide social amenities at points where they were taken do.

Traders who have been moved to Afraha stadium say that lack of basic social amenities may worsen the situation and open doors for the spread of waterborne diseases.

They wondered why the county government would move them out of their market and take them to a place without adequate supply of water, toilets and sheds.

They further argued that the space at Afraha will not be enough to accommodate over 5000 traders .

On their part matatu operators who were moved to Ziwani stage have decried the poor state of the area which they say lacks toilets, water and security.

Some of the drivers said that they are likely to lack clients since most people might find it hard walking from the town center to ziwani to board matatu’s

The traders and matatu operators were move out of the central business district.

The move was to allow for fumigation of wakulima and nasher markets as well as de congesting the town in as a precautionary measure  against the spread of corona virus.

Police officers were called to enforce the order after some traders and matatu operators opposed the relocation.


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