Three children who died in road accident to be buried tomorrow

A cloud of sadness continues to hover over the family of Jacinta Njeri. As the family prepares to bury their loved ones on Tuesday the reality of the misfortune that hit them is yet to settle.

On December 1st, Jacinta Njeri’s three children were knocked down by a car. The three aged 15, 13 and 6 years died after succumbing to injuries in the accident that happened just Maili Kumi shopping Centre in Bahati. The eldest, Brian Nderitu died on the spot while the other two passed on later at the hospital.

Well-wishers have been visiting the home of the deceased to condole the family and also assist in making the family preparations.

“We have received a lot of support from churches, individuals and other organizations as we get ready to lay the young souls to rest,” says the funeral committee chairman.

The family had received waivers on the postmortem and mortuary fees and by Saturday had an outstanding deficit of Kshs. 120,000 to clear all the pending bills.

“Although we have received a lot of support from all quarters, we still have a huge deficit. We’ve gotten a waiver on the postmortem and mortuary charges but we still need about 120 thousand shillings,” the chairman had reported.

There was a relief for the family, however, after Nakuru County Senator Susan Kihika visited the family. On Saturday last week, the senator was at the bereaved’s home in Bahati.

“They are going through a painful mourning period. Let us join hands and pray to God to give the family strength during this difficult period,” the senator was to write later on her official Facebook page.

After consoling the family, she had cleared the outstanding bill and on top offered her public address system to use at the funeral.

Senator Susan Kihika condoling the bereaved family
Senator Susan Kihika condoling the bereaved family


“No words are enough to express what the family must be going through. All we can do now as friends and society are to join hands and give the dead a decent burial. But even after laying the children to rest, let’s not forget the family and especially the mother needs comfort and support to pull through,” said the Senator.

She has, however, said she would not be attending the funeral as she will be out of the country.

“I will however not be able to join you at the funeral as I will be attending a meeting out of the country. As the President of the Bureau for Women Parliamentarians, I’ll be charing a meeting in India about child mortality,” she had said.

While there, the Senator had praised members of the Bahati ni Kwetu Facebook Group who had gone out of their way to raise money to support the family.

The children will be buried tomorrow, Tuesday, with the service being held at Muthaiti Secondary school.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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