Thousands stare at job cuts as flower farms county losses

Over 100,000 people are staring at joblessness in Nakuru County following the corona virus pandemic.

According to Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui, flower farms which have been hard hit by flight cancellations across the world are likely to lay off thousands of its staff.

He said that in Naivasha alone over 70,000 employees within flower farms are likely to be sacked as the farms cannot continue sustaining them.

He noted that since flowers are not being exported to European countries, most flower farms have been forced to ask their staff to go home,something he said is likely to cause a humanitarian crisis.

In Nakuru,Subukia,Njoro,Molo,Bahati and Rongai,the Governor said that at-least  50,000 will be affected by the low business being registered by flower farms.

The Governor however said that his administration was working on humanitarian support initiative that will see sacked flower farms workers benefit from a fund that will be established by his administration together with private sector players.

Already a committee has been set up by the Governor to set up mechanisms of establishing the number of vulnerable families  in the county that will benefit from the fund.

The county will put an initial Sh 250 million into the fund with the private sector topping it up.

The county assembly of Nakuru is expected to pass a supplementary budget to facilitate the programme

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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