This Lady, Senator Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is arguably the most discussed politician in Nakuru County currently. Be it at marketplaces, matatus, boardrooms or anywhere else two all three gather, Susan Kihika is a common topic of discussion.Susan Kihika

It is not only along the streets that she is a topic. On the online platforms, Susan Kihika is a popular topic within and even beyond Nakuru. Ever since she entered the Nakuru political scene 10 years ago as the Nakuru County Assembly speaker, acres of virtual space has been devoted to her.

Susan Kihika is an enigma to many. Her detractors have spent sleepless nights plotting and scheming against her but she always comes out strong. As a strong contender for the Nakuru gubernatorial seat, she is never far away from the minds of her opponents. The numerous smear campaigns sponsored by her political rivals both online and offline are proof of just how much they tread in fear of her.

Never the one to shy away from controversy, the courageous Susan Kihika is never afraid of facing her detractors head-on and she speaks her mind without sugar-coating the truth. Not many of her opponents cherish the prospect of being on the receiving end when she decides to serve them a dose of truth and they have invested a lot in trying to paint Susan as a monster.

But those who know Susan admit that she’s a charming, jovial and easy-going lady who freely mingles with the people, speaking their language and seeking to understand each and every one. Admittedly, her greatest quality is being able to empathize with everyone she interacts with.

Susan Kihika
Susan Kihika interacting with residents

Susan is also generous to a fault as hundreds of residents will admit. On a day to day basis, she’s responding to numerous requests for assistance from even total strangers. From her own pocket, it is no secret that she gives out to numerous cases of charity.Susan Kihika

But behind the charming smile lies a sharp brain. The frontrunner in the gubernatorial seat is quick to logically analyse issues and situations and respond effectively. If need be, she will take time to ponder the matter before taking action.

However, one single trait that sets Susan Kihika apart from her main opponents is her consultative nature. She is a strong believer in the fact that no one single person has a monopoly of knowledge and will take time to involve stakeholders before making arbitrary decisions. This is one trait investors in the various sectors in Nakuru will really appreciate once Susan takes over as Governor in August 2022.

As a leader, Susan believes the greatest investment a leader or a government can make is the investment in people. As a strong believer that women and young people need to be socially, economically and politically empowered, Susan is determined that good leadership should always put people’s interests first.Susan Kihika

Senator Susan Kihika is no pushover, she’s uncompromising in matters she believes in and loyal to her cause. For her larger than life personality, Susan Kihika has unfortunately been blamed and accused of things she even had no idea about. But she soldiers on believing that a people-centred leadership is possible for the good of all despite efforts by disparagers to pull her back.

Martin Gichinga
Author: Martin Gichinga

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