The cry of the deaf in Nakuru as World marks International week

Even as the World marks the international week for the deaf, the association of people living with hearing challenges in Nakuru has called on the County government of Nakuru to ensure their inclusion in the governance slots.
Addressing media in Nakuru on Thursday through sign language interpreter Martha Wambui, Martin Njoroge from the association stated that the county governments should ensure that they are also included as far as governance is concerned.
He added that the county governments should also ensure that there are specialized people employed in the offices at the county headquarters to assist them whenever they visit the offices for directions on job opportunities.
“We are creating awareness but also to call on the county government of Nakuru to ensure clear communication so that the deaf can also be included in the governance offices as per the constitution” said Martin through sign interpreter.
While reiterating that disability is not inability, Martin called on the county government of Nakuru to try and ensure that some chores in the county are given to the group of deaf people in Nakuru since they can also deliver.
He said the fact that they cannot hear does not mean they are incapable of performing their duties in any capacity as per their profession of study.
“The county government should ensure all deaf people in Nakuru are also considered in job opportunities. The communication barrier at the county offices should also be addressed” said Martin through sign language interpreter.
They also called on the society to ensure that any deaf child is not left at home but is reported to the deaf organizations so that they can be assisted with education and other needs.
Latter on Governor Lee Kinyanjui had a chat with them confirming that he will set aside time in the course of the coming weeks to listen to their grievances.
The International Deaf Week awareness is always celebrated on the last week of September every Month.
PHOTO/Pristone Mambili:Martin Njoroge from Association for the Deaf addressing media in Nakuru via sign language (interpreter is Martha Wambui)on Friday as the world marks International week for the deaf.He called on county government of Nakuru to ensure the deaf are included in governance slots.

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