Teresia Wanjiru Kahinga


Normally, girls don’t like mathematics as a subject while they are in school. However, for Teresia Wanjiru Kahinga, Mathematics and Biology were her favourite subjects while a student at Upperhill mixed secondary school in Nakuru.

“I wanted to study several things after high school. Either pharmacy or Education Science specialising in Maths or Biology,” reveals a jovial Teresia adding that she has always had a passion for teaching.

Today, Teresia Kahinga is in her final year at Nyeri National Polytechnic (Formerly Nyeri Technical Training Institute) where she has been taking a diploma course in Library Information Sciences. She joined the institution after another short course she did at Christ the King College in Nakuru after High School where she did Computer applications.

“I have always been interested in disseminating information and this training prepares me adequately for this,” says Teresia on her current course. She hopes to do a degree in Information Sciences after her course.


As a high school student, Terry, as she is popularly known, was the commander of the girl scouts movement while in Form Three. She was also the treasurer for the scout’s movement for three years up to when she did her KCSE and secretary for two years.

This spirit still lives in her and she is now a member of the President’s Award Scheme in college. According to her, this is a movement that is meant to harden the members and it’s the only club where the president signs the certificate.
One of her most memorable activities that she ever undertook in this movement was navigating through the Aberdare ranges where she played the role of the First Aider in her group. She is a trained first aider from her days as a scout in high school and she is intending to do a refresher course in the same with St. John’s Ambulance soon.
Other activities undertaken by the movement include voluntary activities like fencing, slashing, tree planting and generally taking care of the school environment.

Terry loves exploring. She is adventurous and loves reading inspirational books and magazines. Her favourite book is “Conquering the Enemy called Average” by John Mason.


Teresia has been a volunteer ever since she was a small girl in primary school. In high school, she used to volunteer for Red Cross activities and also assisting a community of deaf Women in Nakuru. After high school before she joined college, she used to offer free tuition to other high school students for free.

She has continued with this spirit and she is now involved in similar such activities in college. Terry is a member of the Red Cross Society, the Catholic Association (CA) and also the Peer Educators Club. This keeps her busy and she once in a while volunteers at Nyeri’s provincial General Hospital, several Children’s’ homes and as a peer educator undergoing training and training her fellow students on youth matters.

“My schedule is generally busy either in schoolwork or working with the community,” says the coy, humble but social girl.
Teresia is currently on attachment at the Kenya National Library service, Nakuru. She says that it has been a great experience for her and in future would love to come back and work there.

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