Teacher unions differ on schools reopening

Teacher unions, parents and headteachers have  sharply differed on whether schools should reopen next month.

Days after the Kenya National Union of teachers opposed the reopening of schools, its sister union for post primary education teachers (KUPPET) has called for the reopening of schools in phases.

KUPPET officials say that students sitting for the national examinations this year and those in their final years in campuses should be allowed to resume school next month.

On its side KNUT says that reopening schools will be exposing students to the risk of contracting the corona virus considering  that the country is still unable to contain the spread

KNUT wants the school closure extended until such a time when the government will have fully contained the spread of corona virus.

on their part both primary and secondary school headteachers are also opposed to the reopening of schools which they say will endanger the lives of both teachers and students,

The headteachers argue that schools do not have adequate facilities to enable them fully adhere to safety measures put in place to control the spread of the virus.

Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha formed a committee to advise the government on the way forward in regards to whether learning can resume next month

Ambole Okata
Author: Ambole Okata

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