Sustainable Tourism, Tool for development – Vanessa Pym

Nakuru county plays a huge role in Kenya’s tourism industry and boasts some popular tourist sites including a UNESCO World Heritage site and a huge flamingo population.

Vanessa Pym Sustainable Tourism
Written by Vanessa Pym

That being said, however, there is a need to begin focusing on and catering for local tourism. Kenyans love to travel and try out new things and Nakuru County has much to offer. There need for more offers and affordable fees that are friendly to the pocket of the local tourist.
In addition to this, we need to include communities in sustainable and eco-friendly projects and teach them about the importance of protecting the environment and wildlife.
Establishments like Soysambu Conservancy holds many events that not only take care of their wildlife but also empowers the community. Across Nakuru County, you will find more examples of the same.
You will find communities that go out of their way to save and protect unearthed artefacts, pieces of history and wounded animals. On top of that, Kenya as a whole has recently taken huge strides in enforcing the Plastic Bag Ban and the future looks bright for the county’s development. It’s fun to watch the many different ways citizens have gotten creative and embraced the change.
As we celebrate World Tourism Day, let us take a moment to reflect on the great beauty and magic that Nakuru has to offer. Let us also contemplate on how, in our own special ways, we can make Nakuru an even better tourist destination.

Vanessa Pym is a model, musician, poet and an art promoter empowering other young people in Nakuru

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