Tuskys Magic on spot for terminating employees’ contract without pay

Nakuru’s Tuskys Magic Supermarket is on spot for terminating employees’ contract without clear communication.

The workers who were shocked to rexei e termination letters informing them of the drastic decision have accused the management.

Addressing media at the closed Tuskys Magic in Nakuru town,the employees cited delayed salaries.

Led by Nelson Masenge,they faulted the management for failing to pay them salaries for the last 3-4 months.

“Today we are shocked of the news we received that we are not required here.We want the management to tell us the truth and why our salaries are delayed” he said.

Masenge adding that the company is acting inhumane by sending employees home without any single coin.

The employees also distancing themselves with the termination letter.

According to them,the letter purpots to have come from the Human Resource officer yet the signature says otherwise.

They have termed the letter null and void until the management clears their salaries dues.

“We declare this letter null and void and we demand clear communication from the management” said Masenge.

Shop steward Stephen Wambua says the company has nothing more than to clear the dues for the employees.

He adds that if this is not addressed,they will seek Justice in courts.

Tuskys owes them over sh 170,000 in terms of dues.

“If the company will not address this,we shall move to court” said Wambua.

Our attempts to reach Tuskys Supermarket management over the same did not materialize.

However,the termination letter states that the action was taken due to COVID-19.


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