Nakuru charity launches free online mental health tests

A Nakuru based health charity has partnered with a US based tech organization TrustCircle to launch a new innovative mHealth Tests platform to be provided free to all Kenyans.
The online mHealth Tests are clinically validated mental health screening tests that are completely anonymous, secure, fast and available on any device, anywhere, anytime. Currently, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, stress and PTSD Tests are available.
Acknowledging the great strides Psychiatric Disability Organization had made, Ms Leslyne Shirukha, a Psychologist with the charity said that this was another milestone in PDO’s efforts to make mental health services more accessible to Kenyans by availing it online and free of charge.
Leslyne added that the tests can be taken on, or for Android users. Apple users can launch the Safari browser and visit One Test takes less than 60 seconds.
The Ministry of Health while launching the Kenya Mental Health Policy 2015-2030 stated that one in every four Kenyans will suffer from a mental disorder in their lifetime. The policy states that up to 25% of outpatients and up to 40% of inpatients in health facilities suffer from mental conditions.
“These tests can be used by all Kenyans and give user information to help determine whether the user or someone a user cares for needs help from a mental health professional,” said TrustCircle Founder/CEO Sachin Chaudhry.
PDO in Kenya and TrustCircle in the USA are purpose driven organizations and complement each other’s efforts.
“We at TrustCircle are proud to partner with PDO and looking forward to creating ripples of hope and awareness together,” added Sachin.

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