Gilgil traders fault county government for relocating them without consulting

Traders in Gilgil during the protest.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Over 300 traders at Gilgil public slaughterhouse ha e faulted the county government of Nakuru for relocating them.

The traders who protested the move vowing not to move to allow the relocation of second hand clothes traders into their land.
Led by Francis Nga’ng’a, they accused the county of dumping them by directing operators to vacate the public slaughterhouse for renovations only for the government to relocate second hand dealers at the grounds saying it is unacceptable.
“The county demolished  whiour structures and  houses of more than 200 operators despite paying taxes to the local government” he said.
He noted that the county had plans of forcing them out of the busy town by promising purchase of a land outside the town adding that has never happened.
Similar sentiments echoed by John Olegesho.
He called on the government to relax the strict travel restrictions for livestock traders and listed as essential service people adding that they are being harassed by police after 7 pm.
 “We are cautioning the county  against causing a standoff between slaughterhouse operators and second hand clothes traders who have now been relocated to the land” he said.
Ali Ibrahim said the relocation has to be looked into adding that the piece of land cannot fit the number of second hand clothes traders.
He said livestock markets have been closed in Narok and Bomet Counties due to the ongoing spread of Covid-19 calling on the government to intervene and allow them move like food traders.
Bernard Mburu in charge of the open air market said they are being taken rounds by the county, saying they are no one is coming out clear.
“The space at the market is so small for the number of traders and this risks spreading the virus further” he said.
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