Life of Nakuru street families

Street family in Nakuru

Life is never easy spending your life in the open streets. It is no less so for Nakuru street families but they try and make the best of the situation. Many may consider them smelly, dirty and an eye-sore. However, they are just normal human beings deserving human dignity just like any other person.

Nakuru Street families
Some Nakuru street families prepare a meal in tins collected from the streets 

No one would choose to live the kind of life these families endure. Taking a walk around town during the Covid-19 pandemic, it is heart-wrenching to see the kind of life they have to live.

Nakuru Street families
A Nakuru street family member takes a break to rest in his makeshift residence

They agreed to open up their residences and their way of life from where they sleep, spend their time and make meals.

Lunch ready for this street family
Lunch ready for this street family

Every now and then, there is a well-wisher who comes along to help the street families go through another day. One such well-wisher is Tobias Orwa who regularly joins the families providing meals and company to the street families in Nakuru. Through his Tobias Orwa Foundation, he joins hands with other well-wishers to make life easy for the street families.

Helping Nakuru Street families
Tobias Orwa joins the Nakuru Street families regularly providing them meals and company

When night comes, or harsh weather comes calling, they retire into their makeshift polythene shelters. Only God knows how their young ones born in the streets survive in these harsh weather conditions. Worse still, how they cope when rain waters flow into their residences.

Shelter for Nakuru Street Families
A makeshift polythene shelter for street families in Nakuru town
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