Joel Teeth Cleaner, Dentist giving smiles back in Nakuru

For over seven years since 2010, Joel Kariuki has been on a mission to give Kenyans and especially Nakuru residents a second chance to smile.

Joel Kariuki, popularly known as Joel Teeth Cleaner is some jovial young man born and brought up in Nakuru. While still growing up, he discovered he could solve a challenge that has for long faced Nakuru residents, brown teeth.
“Water consumed in Nakuru has a very high concentration of fluoride which is the major cause of brown teeth in Nakuru. The problem is especially bad in Naivasha where the concentration of the chemical is quite high,” says the famous Nakuru teeth cleaner.
Joel says that another major cause of brown teeth in the customer he serves is cigarette smoking.
“These smokers at some point realise they have done great damage to their teeth and they are some of the major clients that I serve,” reveals Joel Teeth Cleaner.
Apart from teeth cleaning which miraculously turns them from brown to a sparkling white, Joel Teeth Cleaner also cures halitosis (bad breath) and bleeding gums.
“Over the years I’ve learnt a lot about oral care and am able to deal with most of the mouth infections,” says Joel.
Asked whether he’s able to deal with all types of teeth browning, Joel says that sometimes the problem might have gone too deep into the tooth making it rather problematic to completely clean. All the same, over the years, Joel has managed to bring back the smiles of many people who can from as far as Eldoret to seek his services. 

“Nothing gives me as much pleasure as seeing a person able to smile broadly after I’ve cleaned his or her teeth,” says the young doctor.
To improve his skills, Joel has enrolled on an online course in teeth care from China which has made him even learn the Chinese language.
“I’ve discovered there is a lot more I can learn from the Chinese in teeth care and this helps me to offer my customers the best available service,” he says.
Joel Teeth Cleaner is based at Biashara Centre, Nakuru Town.

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