Why Arama was branded ‘Super MP’

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama is the first person from Abagusii community alongside Dagoreti’s Simba Arati to be elected to parliament from a cosmopolitan  area.

Nakuru Town West MP Samuel Arama at a past media address.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Arama was elected in 2013 as Nakuru Town West  MP on an ODM ticket.

He however hit headlines when he ditched ODM for Jubilee citing harrasment from ODM.

“I cannot work with dictators.I will join like-minded people” he said at the time he was joining Jubilee.

In 2017,he won the seat on Jubilee ticket after ODM fielded many candidates.

Arama who has maitained that his key role is service to the people has made strides in the education sector through bursary to various needy students.

He has also embarked on process to ensure that all schools in the area through the NG-CDF kitty have better infrastructure.

The World Bank-sponsored informal settlement upgrade project has also added him mileage as most roads in Nakuru West are now tarmacked with a well drainage in place.

On security matters,the Legislator has ensured establishment of police posts besides the construction of Kaptembwa Police station.

His development-focused has seen electorates brand him ‘Super MP’.

Simon Ole Nasieku from Nakuru Benchmarking team says the MP has shown true leadership is all about service to the people.

“Arama has shown what leadership is all about,development ” said Nasieku.

Early this year,the MP was in headlines over a move to have busaa legalized.

The MP sought to ammend the Alcoholic Drinks and control Act No.4 of 2010 to legalize busaa.

“Busaa does not contain high levels of ethanol and does not risk lives of consumers” he said.

According to the Legislator,the move would create employment to the youths as well as offer Kenyans a cheaper local beverage.

Despite many critics,Arama has always maitained that he speaks his mind.

He is also known to be a no-no sense person especially when you step on his toes.

“I am one person who will tell you face on when things are wrong” he said.

His good relation with locals is witnessed even on social media platforms where is an active member responding to issues affecting the citizens.

Arama is one of the Leaders who does not sit and watch as locals suffer.

When COVID-19 struck,he mobilized for resources and commenced distribution of relief food to vulnerable families in his  constituency among them private schools teachers.

He said he sought funds from friends among them Interior CS Dr.Fred Matiang’i.

“This food is not part of the NG-CDF but a contribution from my friends as well as personal contribution” he said.

Recently when the floods caused havoc in some parts of Nakuru West,the MP sought a ministerial statement in parliement on how the affected families would be compensated.

Though a Kisii,Arama says his service as a Legislator is to ensure all the communities in his constituecy are satisfied.

“I cannot favour Kisii community simply because I am one.Nakuru West is not a Kisii land but cosmoplitant and I have to reach to all” he said in one of the media briefs.

Despite facing criticisms from his competitors,MP Arama maintains  that his developemt record is clear.

The close ally of Interior CS Dr.Fred Matiang’i believes political leadership is about transforming lives of electorates.

Recently he met over 30 MCAs from Kisii region in a Nakuru hotel  and they vowed to rally their support behind the two(CS Matiang’i and Arama) towards 2022 succession politics.


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