Don’t sleep early, watch out for the supermoon

Tonight, the moon will be very big and very bright. It is a sight you cannot afford to miss.

Popularly known as the supermoon, it is a period in which the full moon coincides with a time when the moon is closest to earth.

The distance of moon from earth varies from between 370,000 KMs and 406,000 KMs during its cyclic cycle. Tonight, the moon will be almost 90% nearer the earth and it will be a full moon. Definitely a sight to behold.

The Supermoosupermoon-2n is a rare occurrence and the last one occurred 69 years ago on 26th January 1948. The next one is expected on 25th November 2034, 18 years from today. However, the largest super moon this century is expected in 2052.

There are people who believe that the super moon comes with natural disasters like the tsunami but there is no correlation from the past to back their claims.

So, tonight, go out with your family and friends and esuper-moon-micro-moon-apogee-perigeenjoy this rare sight that many see only once in a lifetime. supermoon-3 supermoon1

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