Dr.Peter Mbae to contest Subukia Parliamentary seat in 2022

Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has declared his interest to contest the Subukia Parliamentary seat in 2022.

The Kabazi MCA in Nakuru County is one of the most learned politicians in the county.

The vocal MCA has a PhD in Peace and Reconciliation besides having a masters in Mass Communication.

In an exclusive interview, Mbae who served in the Nakuru County Public Service Board before switching to politics a f clinching the Kabazi Ward seat in 2017 said his development record is clear in Kabazi and time is now to serve the larger people of Subukia.

He decried that Subukia has never had leaders with people’s interests at heart.

The Subukia seat is currently being held by Samuel Gachobe.

Others who have shown interest in tbe seat include Njenga Kihanya.

Mbae who hinted at launching his manifesto for the campaigns later this year,said his focus is to see a transformed Subukia.

He admits that his aggressiveness and good working relationship with other stakeholders and Government parastatals is a plus in ensuring more benefits for the Subukia constituents.

According to Mbae,once COVID-19 and BBI issues are over,he will roll the sleeves into action.

“I have a passion to see Subukia transformed and my agenda on development will be launched soon as we roll over to full campaigns” he said.

Dr.Mbae was in the headlines during the Solai dam tragedy when he stood with victims and one particular time he was arrested.

When he assumed into office as MCA, Mbae through collaboration with heads of departments and other local administrators in the area, came up with Kabazi Ward Development Framework for the five years.

The framework is one of its kind in Nakuru county and across the country as no other MCA has ever come up with such.

The framework focuses on five key agenda which include water, infrastructure, Health, Education and Empowerment.

With a background in matters communication,Dr.Mbae has been releasing accountability statement on development to his electorates every August on the development achieved.

The MCA who is a close ally of Deputy Pesident William Ruto is optimistic that once elected Subukia MP in 2022, the electorates will witness transformation.


Why locals are opposed to GDC’s project

Residents of Ol-rongai and Kabazi wards of Rongai and Subukia constituencies respectively have opposed the proposed Phase 2 of Geothermal Development Company project at Tulbowmoi area.

The irate residents told National Environment Management Authority-NEMA that they are against the project due to numerous negative environmental impacts to them.

The locals led by Timothy Ng’etich cited air pollution, health hazards and displacement of over 30,000 locals as the main reason they are against the project.

They also GDC for coming up with Environmental Assessment Impact report which was submitted to NEMA yet there was no public participation.

“We are against this project for several reasons among them pollution, health hazards and displacement of people. We are not ready for such.

They spoke during a Friday meeting with a team from NEMA at Tulbowmoi primary school, Ol-rongai.

During the heated meeting chaired by Nakuru North Deputy County Commissioner Geoffrey Mayama on behalf of Nakuru County Commissioner Erastus Mbui, the locals voiced their opposition to a secret plan by GDC and Sosian energy Company to displace over 30,000 locals from their farms to pave way for exploration of geothermal in the area.

The locals had petitioned NEMA after an impact assessment report showed harmful effects of the planned activities.

Area leaders led by Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae, Rongai Politician Kibet Komen,Nominated MP Sammy Seroney and Subukia MP Samuel Gachobe also stood with the locals’ position that the project cannot go on.

MCA Mbae noted that the people of Menengai have suffered for many years with the GDC projects in the caldera hence they cannot allow more suffering.

He added that as leaders they cannot be compromised at the expense of the lives of the locals.

“The only thing as leaders we can do is to ensure the lives of our people are well taken care of. We cannot accept any project that has health hazards on the people and that is why we are saying no to this project” said Mbae.

Sentiments echoed by Komen who faulted GDC and Sosian Energy Company for not following the right procedure as far as the project is concerned.

He said the Geothermal Company has an apology to render to the people of Ol-rongai.

“We cannot participate in a public participation where GDC is a party. We have a great case with GDC and we want them to have a day with us and ask for forgiveness.

Subukia MP Samuel Gachobe on his part reiterated that no any day did GDC involve opinion leaders as well as locals in the proposed project.

“No opinion leader was invited and we cannot allow GDC to come and make our people suffer for the sake of project” said Gachobe.

Nominated MP Sammy Seroney warned GDC that if the law on public participation was not adhered to then he shall be launching a legal battle.

He refuted claims that there was an impact assessment study for the claimed proposed wells for exploration est.

“ The project should be subjected to public participation as required by the law failure to which the locals have a right to recall the same” he said.

GDC Regional Manager Paul Ngugi had a difficult time in addressing the locals who had made up their mind that the project will not go on due to the negative impacts it has to them.

It had to have the interventions of the National NEMA officials led by Marion Kioko from Environmental Assessment Impact Unit.

Ms Kioko assured the locals that their views had been noted in the minutes and that a report will be compiled either in support of the project or otherwise.

She was however quick to note that the Proposed Geothermal project is yet to be licensed as there are several steps before issuance of license.

“As NEMA we want to assure residents that the right procedure will be followed and from today’s meeting a report shall be compiled based on your views before action is taken” said Ms Kioko.

Subukia MP wants political, administrative boundaries realigned

Subukia MP Samuel Gachobe has called for the need to realign political and administrative boundaries in his constituency into one for easier service delivery.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary, the Lawmaker raised concern of how his constituents are divided by political and administrative boundaries making it difficult.

He says a section of Subukia residents are served by Bahati North Deputy County Commissioner, Rongai Deputy County Commissioner and Subukia Deputy County Commissioner.

This he says should be re-looked at to ease service delivery to his constituents who at times are forced to travel longer distances to look for administrative services.

The Legislator stating that once this is re-looked at then there can be creation of more sub locations in areas such as Akuisi where residents will be able tom access administrative services.

“I have a challenge in the area of representation where political and administrative boundaries in this area are not one. That should be re-looked at in future so that our people can be served at one point” said Gachobe.

Gachobe’s sentiments come at time when already there is national conversation on Constituencies’ boundaries review.

In May, Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) Chairperson Wafula Chebukati  stated that scheduled boundaries delimitation would begin in September this year..

He however voiced concerns that the exercise may not be the concluded before 2022 polls given the legal requirement that the delimitation exercise is concluded twelve months before a General Election.

The IEBC said it will use the official census data from the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), and the 2019 population and housing census results, to guide the review of electoral boundaries.

While reviewing the boundaries, IEBC is required to take into account the geographical features and urban centres, community of interest, historical, economic, and cultural ties and means of communication.

The 2019 Population and Housing Census results showed that there are 47.6 million Kenyans and the population quota per constituency is likely to rise to approximately 164,000 with exceptions for cities and sparsely populated areas.



Public land grabbers in Nakuru put on notice

The National Land Commission has sounded a stern warning to individuals grabbing public utility land in Nakuru.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary school on Wednesday during issuance of title deeds to Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company Ltd,   Nakuru County National Lands Commissioner Frank Kimbelekenya said any individual involved in such a crime is a criminal and should face full force of the law.

Kimbelekenya who was reacting to cases of parcels of land that have been grabbed in the area, said the Commission will work closely with the administration officers to ensure that any land that was meant for public utility is restored.

“As NLC we will not allow public utility land to be grabbed by anyone. We will work with the County Commissioner to ensure land that was meant for schools and police are returned” said Kimbelekenya.

According to Kimbelekenya, the land grabbers are taking advantage of the fact that some public utilities have continued to lack title deeds.

It is for this reason that he appealed to the Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya to step in and ensure all public utilities in Nakuru County and other 13 counties in Rift Valley have title deeds.

“We are not sure maybe due to lack of title deeds some of these public utilities might be grabbed even tomorrow and that is why we want even the administration to assist us here” said Kimbelekenya.

During the meeting that was attended by Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, County Commissioner Erastus Mbui,area MP Samuel Gachobe and MCA Dr.Peter Mbae among other leaders saw 1000 members of the Akuisi Farmers Company receive title deeds.

Akuisi Farmers Company has had long leadership wrangles that had delayed issuing of title deeds.

It is one of the companies whose members were enrolled to benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a Presidential directive.

Long wait…Title deeds at last for Akuisi Company members

Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company in Solai Nakuru have begun receiving their land title deeds following intervention of the Riftvalley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya.

Natembeya moved in following request made by area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who has been vocal to find a lasting solution to the long leadership wrangles at the company that had delayed issuing of title deeds.

It is one of the companies whose members were set to benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a Presidential directive.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary school on Wednesday when he launched the issuance of the title deeds to more than 1000 members, Natembeya stated they will work to ensure all members receive the important document.

“The issue of company loan debt cannot be an obstacle to issuance of title deeds. We shall work on the same to see how the debts can be paid but members can have title deeds” said Natembeya.

Elderly Ms Evalyne Wanjiku- a beneficiary lauding the leadership for intervening in ensuring that they have title deeds.

Wanjiku narrates that it has been a long wait for them to receive the document adding that the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta has played key role.

“The leaders have really helped us by ensuring we have title deeds. It has saved us from brokers” she said.

Area MP Samuel Gachobe attributing the long waits to poor leadership of the Akuisi Farmers Company Ltd.

He was however quick to note that the visit by RC Natembeya is an eye opener and a warning to land brokers in the area.

“The people have suffered for long but today is a new dawn and warning to land brokers that their time is up” said Gachobe.

Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who has been in the forefront in fighting for the rights of the Akuisi Farmers Company members on his part stating that he had to reach out to Natembeya for a lasting solution.

Mbae commending Natembeya for directing that all utilities of the company that had been sold by Directors should be returned.

“I am very grateful that I knocked Natembeya’s door and he listened. Our people of Akuisi Farmers Company will now have title deeds” said Mbae.

Akuisi Company Chairman ordered to record statement with CCIO

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has ordered Akuisi Farmers Company Limited Chairman Joseph Githaiga to record statement with County CIO explaining why names of some members of the company were left out in the titling program.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary School in Solai, Subukia Subcounty on Wednesday when he launched the issuance of over 1000 title deeds to members, Natembeya wondered why anyone would try to interfere with the titling program that was a directive from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He has given the Chaiman up to Monday to ensure that all members whose names were not submitted to the Registrar are submitted so that they can also benefit from the program.

He said members should not have conditions to benefit from the program and anyone interfering with the program will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“We cannot tolerate nonsense when it comes to government policies. The Chairman should record a statement concerning the 600 members whose names were not submitted” said furious Natembeya.

There have been wrangles between Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company Limited and their leadership.

The members pointing an accusing finger at the leadership of the Company over what they termed is mismanagement.

And during the RC’s Wednesday meeting that was also attended by County Commissioner Erastus Mbui, officials from the National Land Commission,Registrar of Land,area MP Samel Gachobe and area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae, the chairman of the company Joseph Githaiga had difficult time explaining himself.

On many occasions the members shouted at him after he tried to clear his name over the mess that the company has been into.

Akuisi Farmers Company has had long leadership wrangles that had delayed issuing of title deeds under the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a presidential directive.


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