Edith Gitau – Talent, Passion, Art in Beauty Business

According to American Catholic writer, theologian and mystic Thomas Merton, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” Speed Beauty and Cosmetics shop was born out of the love for art.

Edith Gitau of Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop
Edith Gitau of Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop

For Edith Gitau, founder of Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop, the artist in her made her leave a well-paying job as a procurement officer in Nairobi to follow her passion.
“I am an artist at heart with a passion for beauty. That is what led me to set up Speed Plus Beauty shop,” says Edith the founder and proprietor of the popular beauty products and services shop in Nakuru town.
To hone her skills, Edith had to undertake a beauty course and armed with her passion, inherent talents and the training, she was ready to dive into the world of entrepreneurship.

Marketing Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

What Edith doesn’t say is that she is also an overly talented marketer. The way she handles her clients has ensured an ever returning pool of loyal clientele who are also her greatest marketing ambassadors.
“It was hard in the beginning before I built my client base,” admits Edith adding how she patiently worked to get customers coming to her shop.
“I had a big vision of what I wanted to achieve. Although business was slow at the beginning, I patiently worked on growing my customer base since I always knew what I wanted to achieve,” says the confident Edith.
It’s about a year now since Edith set up Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics. The stream of customers coming to her shop is enough proof of the relationships she has built over time. However, it was not always this way. Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop
“I really struggled in the beginning. I printed brochures and business cards which I used to distribute everywhere. I posted on social media and used word of mouth but finally it was the referrals from satisfied clients that really worked for me,” she reveals.
Edith still relies mostly on word of mouth to grow her client base. She also uses social media to reach her existing and potential customers which she says brings in the much-wanted results.
Edith is a talented beautician and her services are constantly in demand. She reveals that she works closely with event organisers where her gifted fingers work miracles in bringing out just that picture-perfect look.
“The reason most of the customers keep coming back and referring me to their friends is because of the personalized touch I give each client,” says Edith. For her, it’s not just about making a sale but about giving value to her customers.

Hair care Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop is the certified stockist of Marini Natural Hair care products in Nakuru Town. It also sells other brands of high-quality hair products but the main reason customers keep coming back to Edith and referring her is the advice she gives out freely.

Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop, Hair Care
Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop, Hair Care

Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop, Hair Care
Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop, Hair Care

“One thing I always tell my customers is not to buy a product just because their friends recommended it. What works for one person’s hair may not work for the other one considering we all have different hair types,” advises Edith.
Her first advice to clients buying hair products is to know their hair type.
“Products are made for different types of hair and using the wrong product could give disappointing if not disastrous results,” she warns.
Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics also stocks both natural and synthetic hair extensions and wigs.

Skin Care at Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

A glowing face is the first thing that is usually noticed about someone. The talented Edith always starts by identifying the skin type of her clients before embarking on working her magic.
“I always take it upon myself to educate my clients on proper skin care especially their skins,” says the beautician. The one thing she continually insists is for her clients to take lots water to stay hydrated.
“Being hydrated is the first step in having a healthy-looking skin. No matter what skin care remedies you use, being dehydrated will work against you,” counsels Edith.
At Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop, all skin care products from facial care to body skin care are available. Edith stocks oils, lotions, soaps and scrubs from only the best suppliers.

Men at Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

Clients at Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics include both men and women. Edith stocks some of the topSpeed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics shop of the range men’s care products and she has over time created a loyal base of male customers.
“I stock beauty products from Nivea and Old Spice which is very popular with my male clients,” she reveals. Edith dismisses the notion that men don’t take care of their looks saying that in today’s world, glooming for men is paramount.
Old Spice has a line of men products like shaving cream, optimizers (skin soothers) and after shaves. On the other hand, Nivea has a trusted line of deodorants, shower gels, roll-on and sprays for men.
Other products for men include scrubs, shavers, tweezers and shavers turning Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop into a one stop shop for the modern man wanting to look, feel and stay looking good.

Other services at Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics Shop

Apart from selling products and offering advice, Edith is also an expert make-up artist. Her services are highly sought during weddings, photo shoots, house calls and such other events and always leaves her customers fulfilled.
In addition, Edith offers beauty classes to those willing to learn for a little fee.
“They see my work and want to learn from me. I can vouch for those I train that their work is exemplary wherever I go,” she says.
The proprietor of Speed Plus Beauty and Cosmetics looks exceptionally elegant at all times. She says this is one of her marketing strategies as friends and even strangers end up asking her for her secret.
Talking to Edith, one can’t fail to notice the passion and fire behind her success. She takes her work seriously and without a doubt, Speed Beauty and Cosmetics shop will go far leaving behind a trail of thousands of satisfied clients.

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