How Patel Family has continued to unite solai people

On 9 May this year marked 5 years since the Solai Dam tragedy.

It is a tragedy that almost led to mixed reactions among locals and area leaders with some trying to cause disunity among locals.

However, the Patel Family that owns the dam that burst has always maintained that it was an accident, though a case is still on in court.

The family that has been participating in philanthropic acts vowed to work closely with victims of the tragedy in ensuring they get better with their livelihood.

This has been one way of ensuring united community in Solai despite challenges.

It should be noted that since they moved to Solai, the Patel family has continued to express acts of philanthropy.

Perry Kansagra during a past interview.

With more than three decades practicing coffee, flowers and dairy farming, the family has employed more than 1,000 residents.

Besides, the family has taken up matters of education in the area seriously ensuring support to the public schools as well those constructed under their sponsorship such as Patel Secondary and Mansukh Patel Primary.

Perry Kansagra in an interview revealed that education is key in transforming the society.

While lauding government efforts, Perry called for a collective responsibility in making education accessible for all.

“We all have a responsibility to make society better” he said.

The Patel family has continued to make huge contribution to the education sector in the area.

This is through donation of stationery and other items as well as improving the infrastrure.

Jared Mwangi- a resident says the family has been of great help to them.

Patel Family donates desks, PS4 station to Endao Primary to boost academic performance

Business family and philanthropists the Patel Family in Solai, Nakuru County on Saturday donated 135 metallic desks to Endaho Primary school.

Perry Kansangra who spoke during the donation noted that education is key in transforming society adding that in the spirit of their fore fathers, the family shall continue to assist schools in the area.

The family said the Corporate Social Responsibility  started by their fore-fathers among them Shantilal Patel and Mansukh Patel will go on for generations to come.

“We were shown this by our father who believed in education and we are doing this as a way of honoring our parents who valued education. We will continue to help schools in this area ad improve the education standards ” he said.

Sentiments echoed Patel Family’s fourth generation Aditya Vicran who vowed to walk in the footprints of the grandparents and parents as far as charitable gestures are concerned.

“This country is developing and as a family we are working together with the community to help improve livelihood through education” said Vicran.

The desks worth over one million shillings will go a long way in ensuring conducive environment for the pupils at the school to study.

Endao Primary Headteacher Erick Kenei and parents commended Patel Family for the gesture adding that the pupils have been suffering due to lack of desks.

“This is a great gesture by the Patel Family.We look forward to improved education standards as the pupils will now be comfortable” said Mr.Kenei.

The event was also attended by area Senior Chief Charles Kiragu who revealed that the Patel Family has been of great impact to the locals.

Kiragu urged locals to maintain peace for prosperity of the area.

“The community here is very grateful for such gesture that the Patel family has been showing. We just call for peaceful co-existence in this area so that more  development can be realized” stated Chief Kiragu.

The Patel Family also donated PS4 Play station to the school.





Patel Family calls on society to embrace unity, education for al

Solai-based Philanthropists the Patel Family has called on locals in the area to continue embracing unity and education for all for a better society.

Speaking at Endao Solai Primary School during a donation of school bags to the over 400 pupils at the school, Perry Kansagra noted that education is key in transforming society.

The Patel Family also vowed to ensure the school is equipped with the required furniture as well as improve the infrastructure.

According to the School’s Head teacher Alfred Kenei, it was started as an Early Child Development Centre in 2004 before it was transformed to a Primary school in 2013.

While assuring the continued support of the Patel Family to the schools in the area, Kansagra stated that with great collaboration, the society can be a better place for all.

“My message to members of the community is that Rome wasn’t built in one day but through collaboration we can make Solai a better place. We also need to co-exist and ensure a peaceful society. As a family, we shall continue to play our part through Corporate Social Responsibility.

Perry Kansagra also called for the need to ensure a peaceful society in which everyone is valued no matter the background they come from.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Perry Kasangra’s son Aditya Vicran who at his youthful age encouraged the pupils at the school and the larger Solai area in Subukia Sub County to continue working hard in their studies.

“I am doing this donation because my late grandfather always showed us this is the way to go. Helping the society in whatever way we can” stated Aditya.

The event was also attended by area Chief Charles Kiragu who lauded the Patel Family for the role they have continued to play in shaping the Solai community.

While noting the many challenges that the schools in the area face, Kiragu was categorical that with such charity work, the education standards in the area will be raised to another level.

“This is a family that has stood with the people of Solai just to see a better society and we are very grateful for such gesture” said Kiragu.

For parents whose children received the donations, it is a new dawn in their life with many hoping that the Patel Family shall continue with such a gesture even in future for a better society.

Goodies for Akuisi Primary School fraternity as Patel Family extends CSR to local schools in Solai

Business family and philanthropists the Patel Family in Solai, Nakuru County has vowed to continue supporting local schools towards improved education standards in the area.

The assurance was made during a donation of school bags and other stationery to more than 500 pupils of Akuisi Primary School in Solai.

This is part of the Family’s Corporate Social Responsibility started by their forefathers, among them Shantilal Patel and Mansukh Patel.

Speaking at Akuisi Primary School on Saturday when the family handed over the donation in memory of the late Shantilal and Mansukh Patel, Perry Kansagra noted the high level of poverty in the area, adding that it’s only through education that many families will be transformed.

He said the family will act on the request made by the school concerning levelling of the playground, more classrooms and water harvesting tanks.

In addition, Perry said that more employment opportunities at the Patel Farm shall be considered moving forward.

“Education can help transform this area, and that is why we have stepped in as a family to support the local schools around. As a family, we will not deviate from charity gestures and helping the needy. We shall also help the parents in this area through more employment. We want to see improved livelihood” said Perry.

Several schools in Solai have continued to benefit from the Patel Family.

The majority of the pupils in the schools have their parents employed at the huge Patel Farm.

The family is now passing the mantle to the fourth generation of the Patel Family, with young Aditya Vicran already following in their footsteps.

Aditya who spoke at Akuisi Primary School during the event, Aditya called on the pupils to work hard. According to him, education is key to everything.

“Education is key and that is why as a family we are doing this gesture to support schools in this area,” he said.

The event was also attended by Patel Farm Manager Vinoj Kumar and local administrators.

Public land grabbers in Nakuru put on notice

The National Land Commission has sounded a stern warning to individuals grabbing public utility land in Nakuru.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary school on Wednesday during issuance of title deeds to Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company Ltd,   Nakuru County National Lands Commissioner Frank Kimbelekenya said any individual involved in such a crime is a criminal and should face full force of the law.

Kimbelekenya who was reacting to cases of parcels of land that have been grabbed in the area, said the Commission will work closely with the administration officers to ensure that any land that was meant for public utility is restored.

“As NLC we will not allow public utility land to be grabbed by anyone. We will work with the County Commissioner to ensure land that was meant for schools and police are returned” said Kimbelekenya.

According to Kimbelekenya, the land grabbers are taking advantage of the fact that some public utilities have continued to lack title deeds.

It is for this reason that he appealed to the Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya to step in and ensure all public utilities in Nakuru County and other 13 counties in Rift Valley have title deeds.

“We are not sure maybe due to lack of title deeds some of these public utilities might be grabbed even tomorrow and that is why we want even the administration to assist us here” said Kimbelekenya.

During the meeting that was attended by Rift valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya, County Commissioner Erastus Mbui,area MP Samuel Gachobe and MCA Dr.Peter Mbae among other leaders saw 1000 members of the Akuisi Farmers Company receive title deeds.

Akuisi Farmers Company has had long leadership wrangles that had delayed issuing of title deeds.

It is one of the companies whose members were enrolled to benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a Presidential directive.

Long wait…Title deeds at last for Akuisi Company members

Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company in Solai Nakuru have begun receiving their land title deeds following intervention of the Riftvalley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya.

Natembeya moved in following request made by area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who has been vocal to find a lasting solution to the long leadership wrangles at the company that had delayed issuing of title deeds.

It is one of the companies whose members were set to benefit from the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a Presidential directive.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary school on Wednesday when he launched the issuance of the title deeds to more than 1000 members, Natembeya stated they will work to ensure all members receive the important document.

“The issue of company loan debt cannot be an obstacle to issuance of title deeds. We shall work on the same to see how the debts can be paid but members can have title deeds” said Natembeya.

Elderly Ms Evalyne Wanjiku- a beneficiary lauding the leadership for intervening in ensuring that they have title deeds.

Wanjiku narrates that it has been a long wait for them to receive the document adding that the directive by President Uhuru Kenyatta has played key role.

“The leaders have really helped us by ensuring we have title deeds. It has saved us from brokers” she said.

Area MP Samuel Gachobe attributing the long waits to poor leadership of the Akuisi Farmers Company Ltd.

He was however quick to note that the visit by RC Natembeya is an eye opener and a warning to land brokers in the area.

“The people have suffered for long but today is a new dawn and warning to land brokers that their time is up” said Gachobe.

Kabazi MCA Dr.Peter Mbae who has been in the forefront in fighting for the rights of the Akuisi Farmers Company members on his part stating that he had to reach out to Natembeya for a lasting solution.

Mbae commending Natembeya for directing that all utilities of the company that had been sold by Directors should be returned.

“I am very grateful that I knocked Natembeya’s door and he listened. Our people of Akuisi Farmers Company will now have title deeds” said Mbae.

Akuisi Company Chairman ordered to record statement with CCIO

Rift Valley Regional Commissioner George Natembeya has ordered Akuisi Farmers Company Limited Chairman Joseph Githaiga to record statement with County CIO explaining why names of some members of the company were left out in the titling program.

Speaking at Akuisi Secondary School in Solai, Subukia Subcounty on Wednesday when he launched the issuance of over 1000 title deeds to members, Natembeya wondered why anyone would try to interfere with the titling program that was a directive from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

He has given the Chaiman up to Monday to ensure that all members whose names were not submitted to the Registrar are submitted so that they can also benefit from the program.

He said members should not have conditions to benefit from the program and anyone interfering with the program will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

“We cannot tolerate nonsense when it comes to government policies. The Chairman should record a statement concerning the 600 members whose names were not submitted” said furious Natembeya.

There have been wrangles between Members of the Akuisi Farmers Company Limited and their leadership.

The members pointing an accusing finger at the leadership of the Company over what they termed is mismanagement.

And during the RC’s Wednesday meeting that was also attended by County Commissioner Erastus Mbui, officials from the National Land Commission,Registrar of Land,area MP Samel Gachobe and area MCA Dr.Peter Mbae, the chairman of the company Joseph Githaiga had difficult time explaining himself.

On many occasions the members shouted at him after he tried to clear his name over the mess that the company has been into.

Akuisi Farmers Company has had long leadership wrangles that had delayed issuing of title deeds under the ongoing accelerated titling programme in Nakuru County which was initiated following a presidential directive.


Kiremba-Akuisi Farmers fault Directors for derailing President’s directive on titling

A section of members of the Kiremba-Akuisi Farmers Company Limited in Solai, Nakuru County have accused the directors over what they term is mismanagement and misappropriation of funds that has led to the derailed titling program.

Speaking in the area during a meeting that was meant to solve the matter but never happened, the members said the directors have been playing politics with the national titling program that was initiated by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

They say despite having shares and the President directing that they be part of the beneficiaries of the titling program, most members are yet to get title deeds.

Ms Alice Gitonga- a member of Kiremba-Akuisi Farmers’ Cooperative Society narrates that her late husband had a loan lent to the company.

She says for 8 years she has been pushing through the courts to be paid the money that had accumulated to Sh 9 million.

According to the emotional widow, the court made a verdict that she be paid all the money but the former directors and those present have continued to play hide and seek game making it difficult for her.

She is now appealing to the President to intervene in the matter so that she can get justice as the company has refused to make even transfers of the shares of her husband.

“The former Directors as well as the current one are interfering with the process of ensuring my funds are paid. I just now want the President to intervene so that widows like us can have justice” she said.

Another member Hezbon  Muigai says the titling program as was announced by President  Uhuru Kenyatta has not been implemented as the directors demanded that every member must pay sh 1,200.

He adds that 570 members who could not meet the charges were unable to get the titles with some being registered under the name of the company rather than individuals.

“The leadership of the company has continued to derail the President’s directive on the national titling program and the matter should be investigated” said Muigai.

Similar sentiments echoed by David Mwangi Jamah.

Mwangi says the law should be followed so that the Directors who have been messing the company should be dealt with.

He adds that it is wrong for the Directors to go against the President’s directive on titling by denying members the chance to have their titles.

“No one is above the President’s directive and these Directors should be investigated” said Mwangi.

However Area Cooperative Society Officer Xavier Lukaga who had difficulty explaining to the irate members what transpired said the matter of the widow and Akuisi Cooperative was resolved in Court and that the widow will be paid all the shares.

When reached for a comment over the wrangles, Akuisi Farmers Company Chairman Joseph Githaiga said the titles that were issued were lease titles and members had to pay sh.10, 000 for the processing.

However, He says members refused to pay the same and the titles were returned to the government until the Solai Dam tragedy when the president announced the titling of Solai-Nyankiyua.

The company took the initiative to ensure members benefit and that those who submitted their documents will now be able to get titles.

On the issue of the widow who has not been paid her late husband’s shares, Githaiga says the court verdict is being implemented and the widow will be paid.

“The matter of the widow is being handled and she will be paid her money once the company gets money by selling some of the assets” he said.

MCA Mbae weighs in on Nakuru supplementary budget for COVID-19

Kabazi ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae at a past media address.PHOTO/Pristone Mambili.

Kabazi ward MCA Dr.Peter Mbae has commended the County assembly for enhancing the war on COVID-19 by ensuring that enhancement of sh.300 million which is million higher than what the Governor had proposed.

County assembly members have contributed 30 million for ventilators purchase.

He added that 3.5 m will be channeled to all the 55 wards, while 1.4m to the vulnerable 31 wards identified during the COVID-19.

“The governor had proposed sh. 250 million but we have enhanced the same to sh.300 million” said Mbae.

The county assembly through the budget and appropriation committee has also adopted the formation of sub County and Ward COVID-19 Emergency Committees.

According to MCA Mbae who is also a member of the budget committee, the formation of the sub county and ward committees on COVID-19 is key as the committees will identify needs.

The MCAs have also ensured that 150m is allocated to health docket for the purchase of ventilators, recruitment of additional staff, and purchase of protective devices among others.

In addition, the MCAs now want the executive to ensure that the Community Health Volunteers are given priority during this time of COVID-19 pandemic.

The supplementary budget report has also suspended the licenses in Nakuru county for three months while retaining the Ward development projects.

According to MCA Mbae, the governor had proposed that the projects be suspended so that the money meant for the projects can be channeled towards the war on COVID-19.

But in a twist of events, the MCAs are now calling on governor Kinyanjui to roll out out the projects in the next one week.

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